Where does time go?  

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6/7/2006 2:21 pm

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Where does time go?

I mean for real??? Sometimes it feels like yesterday that my friends and I would get in my 1967 Dodge Signet that I bought for $150. We would hang out by the liquor store and ask people to get us some beer.

Then we would head back to a place called Windsors. It was a track of woods just off a highway.

These were the days where a pack of smokes and a couple of beers made you god to the ladies. Add in the car that needed a windshield scrapper to hold up the windows. Man I was set. Not for some big pussy action, but a guaranteed squeeze of her tit.

Things have changed so much since then. The year being around 1979. Cops would actually come back and bullshit with us. They said they would rather have us back there then cruising around. But they knew where we lived, and wouldn't take no nonsense from us racing around after the party. This was a time where a parent who was on the school board would hold three hour parties after school night basketball games. This kind of shit the scum bag liberal press would have on the nightly news!!!!LOL

I know to you younger people, this sounds obsurd. But the was the way it was back then. People were far less uptight and far less politically correct.

It's just amazing how fast times flies. And it seems the older you get the faster time goes. The picture on this post is me at 3 or 4 years old. Oh what hopes my parents must have had.

Now they are both gone to the other side. Both within 15 months. Always felt so independent, but I have learned how I miss them both. Easter was a real awakening this year. Because I had a thought that I needed to get flowers for Mom and Dad's grave sight. Later that day I realized I had tons of laundry to do. My first thought??? I do it at Mom's at Easter dinner??? Then I realized their was no Mom to this Earth. There was no Dad, for he had passed also. It was the emptiest feeling of my life.

But then I smiled and remembered what wonderful parents they were. I also thought about my best friend Gina, and another great friend named Carolyn. Gina lost her Mom when she was teenager. Never really had a Dad. Carolyn was brought up in a baby making machine family, and unfortunately ended up in group homes and foster care. So I was blessed to have to caring parents until I was 43 yrs. old.

So anyway, I figure as fast as time goes by, I better stop screwing around and figure out what I want to do with my life!!!LOL At the tender age of 44.LOL But see, man..... I'm so different. I seem to do the opposite. I did the big truck thing back in the 80's. Now I'm driving a Camry!!LOL I don't care about materialism. I live in a motel room where I work. With the money I have in the bank and in stocks and gold, I could be living in a house. But I figure why??? Just like everyone gets on me because I have never had a VCR or a DVD player. Why. I don't watch movies. Do I have to have it just to seem cool???? I don't own a stereo, because all my music is on this machine. I do own a digital camera.

But one thing I know is I have been lonely. And for the last two years I have been doing the Sugar Baby thing. Don't know if I'm happy about that anymore? I mean it's great having a vibrant young lady to have sex with. But what is missing is substinence. Someone to walk the flea market with me. Someone who can talk politics intelligently. Someone who's eyes doesn't spin when I say, " Price to earnings ratio."

So I have myself in one big predicament. I don't have the things women my age age want. That being all the "Keep Up With The Jone's" bullshit, and like a said a pretty face is cool for a while, and I'd take it if i could get it!!!!LOL But I need more substance.

Oh to the God's, if only I could be back under that table, thinking I'm cool in that plastic hat!!!!

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