The thing about Gay Men  

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1/29/2006 10:55 am

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The thing about Gay Men

I was having a few beers with a Army gal last night. With us - was two Army men. As we got drunker and drunker, the girl started hinting that she was getting horny.

A smile radiated the face of all men there, thinking who would be the lucky one? Eventually the young lady said she would do us all. Only if she could watch one of us boys sucking another off.

With that request, it seemed there was a major detour of blood flow that was heading to our dicks. As our dicks went limp the questions followed.

Why!!!??? She went on to say how men always want women to get together. So she for once wanted to do the same to men.

I asked her if in fact watching this would truly turn her on. She laughed, and shook her head NO!!!

She asked "What is it with you guys? What is the big thing of you and your ladies getting it on with another lady"?

As I told her it is a true mystery. But no different than someone chooses to be gay, or bi, you don't just choose what turns you on.

It does seem big time hypocritical that a man could be incredibly turned on watching two women enjoying one another, and at the same time repulsed by two guys doing the dirty.

As I like to use as an example, two women making love is like two beautiful flowers caressing one another from a summer breeze.... and two men is like a negative and a positive wires on a electric circuit crossing It's not a pretty sight. And if you stand to close it's not a pleasant experience.

The whole ,man to man, Hershey Highway, Fudge packing thing is just to much for this North America. Not that I would condemn what people do in their own bedrooms. God knows, I will be all the pervert a women would allow me to be in mine. But for a women to be frustrated that men don't get turned on to watching one knucklehead suck away on another knucklehead's head, like they do watching two women do a little muff diving isn't fair. Like I asker her, "How many women get turned on watching men do each other"? Yes, of course there are some but they are rare. Geese, I even know women who aren't gay or bi that get hot watching chicks get busy.

As I said it is a true mystery to human nature.

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