The internet and the liberation of women.  

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6/17/2006 3:47 am

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6/17/2006 6:34 am

The internet and the liberation of women.

It's funny how the internet has done more for the liberation of women then N.O.W could ever claim.

Back in the day, so many women could be easily isolated by jealous and controlling husbands. Pop a few kids out, don't supply them with a car, control the money, and bingo... you have an isolated women.

But now with the internet, even when a women is home with the kids, the whole world is a mouse click away. She can get training and even work from home with the internet. And of course meet other men or women. Doesn't matter if it's for support or sex.

She can take her motherly skills like sewing, make baby clothes and sell them on ebay. And bring home nearly 80K a year like an old high school friend of mine does!!!

Now that is freedom folks. That is liberation. Because she doesn't have some CEO telling her where to be and at what time, and for her career, it just isn't the right time to be with child.

So when you think about the positive effects the net has had on women it is really incredible. Seems it may be time for N.O.W to break down camp and go home. Oh that's right, those women would have to get real jobs. I forgot about that. And you know they aren't going to sew, that's beneath them

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