The children of the street. Criminals or Victims of the worst kind?  

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6/15/2006 1:00 pm

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The children of the street. Criminals or Victims of the worst kind?

Back in the 80's, when I was one of the wildest young men in town, I was arrested.

Second offense weed, second offense DWI. I was heading for weekend jail time and heavy fines.

At the time I was framing houses, making as much as I make now.

I put all my money into a good attorney. He was an ex prosecutor who was disgusted by the unfairness of municipal court.

He told me to let him do his job. In the mean while I better do mine. He said he could delay my court hearing for up to six months. In that time I better get my shit straight. Go to AA, and volunteer your time. He told me this may just keep me out of the county for about six months worth of weekends.

So I had done some work for the Roman Catholic Church in town before, so i contacted them to offer my aide. Of course their first reply was they wanted money>??

But eventually I found myself volunteering in an out reach program in Philadelphia. It was a band aid approach program where they handed sandwiches out to the homeless kids on Frankford Avenue section of town.

When I first started this program I figured I meet a bunch of low lives who deserved what they got. And who was I to be judging?? Thinking back, how shameful could I be??

It didn't take a week before my mind was changed forever. What I found on these streets of Philadelphia, were victims.

I found 12 and 13 year old kids, male and female selling their bodies. I found grey hair men pulling up in their Cadillacs and Mercedes to take them up on the deal. I found scumbag pimps who would prey on these lost children, get them drunk, and then shoot them up with heroine!!!

Then they owned them. It takes once or twice, and they are addicted for life!!!

The saddest thing is the majority of these kids were running from brutal homes. Physical and sexual abuse is what it takes to make a kid choose the street in a strange city, rather then their cozy home or lost friends at school. And more than not it was sexual abuse.

As if this all wasn't disturbing enough, I found the way the streets work. You would think the police would be keeping an eye out??? Seeing a 15 year old getting into a car driven by a 55 year with Jersey plates, I would think is probable cause???

But you would hear from child to child, some of the cops would take sex from them for protection!!! I was floored. But it answered all my questions as to how the police would just sit by and watch. And being older and wiser now I can imagine there was some greased palms between the pimps and cops along with the pedophile sex.

Now at the time I despised my home town police. But this gave me some respect for them. because this bullshit would never go on. These grey haired pervs would be in a jail cell taking an ass whooping in the farm towns of Jersey. And not by other inmates, but by the cops. And I would say, "Give him a whack on me!"

My service on Frankford Avenue lasted all of 4 months. I didn't quit, but was told not to come back. Why??? Some carings kids I looked out for, looked out for me. I was seriously considering killing the lowest of the lowest pimp of them all. But the kids told the sister in control, and she called me into her office and told me, "Son, your soul in hell is not worth the momentary peace the kids will get. But I saw it as every time this scumbag put a needle into a needy kids arm, he was killing them.

The only answer was his death. and I was ready to do it. If it were not for these kids who told the sister the stupidity I was considering.

They also weren't happy with some of my tactics. Taking down license plates, writing letters to the pedo's wives about how they come to Philly to screw little kids.

And believe it or not, many of the kids would turn on you also. Because that was their way of survival. If it got out that some numb-skull was taking pictures and mailing wives, business could go dry. Then they wouldn't have money for the addictions they had.

So in the end I quietly disappeared. Nothing was ever done until the Republican Convention came to visit when the Democrat run city closed a few train stations and forced the homeless under ground.

So tell me folks, who are the criminals?? The kids??? Their parents??? The police. The politicians? Me? I don't know about the last four, but what I do know is the Kids of the Streets are the victims and have been let down so pathetically. By their parents, by the government, and most of all by society. That is you and me.... folks!!!!

If all my stocks ever do make me rich, I will start up a true outreach program. One aimed at teaching these kids they are victims, they should be proud of their survival, and they have value. Teach them trades as beauticians, electricians, and for the smartest college scholarships. Or whatever they want to do!!!

rm_Rico0825 54M
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6/17/2006 6:46 am

    Quoting spunky11961:
    I can't believe you haven't got a comment on this!very good post,Echoes many of my own thoughts....To bad the solutions you propose can't be started immediately,they would at least save some!to bad politicians and so many of the public turn a blind eye!Keep thinkin' the way you do! thanx!
Comments are nice, but the more important things are the amount that read it.

Plus I think some people who read this walk away thinking... Wow, is this guy a psycho?? LOL I mean,, I think that reading the post and how close I was to destroying my life.

Just shows what digust and hatred multiplied by the fact that at the time I was a walking, living, chemical experiment can do to you.

But I was brought up a Roman Catholic and taught that the thought is as sinful as the deed. So I am damned to hell anyway!!!LOL

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