Live 8, The Reality that MTV Won  

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7/2/2005 5:27 pm

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Live 8, The Reality that MTV Won

The reality of Live 8 is that it is truly a power play. Twenty years ago when everyone felt so lovie dovie throughout the world, the fact is little of the money that was raised actually reached it's intended targets.

Eventually Bono, who was but a pup in those days, actually took the time to reckon how this could happen. Well, just as the "greedy" Leaders of the world tried to tell the musicians - these governments were highly corrupt, and know matter how much aid ever arrived into these countries, most would be pilfered by the government or rebels within them. And that in fact is what happened.

The big cop out of these countries were that the evil countries the word held huge debt over there head and that is why the aid never reached their citizens, even though that was not what the aid was never intended for.

So this time Bono is 20 years older and much smarter unlike morons like Springscum and Melleancrap. He realized, that instead of asking for cash, he would ask the G* to forgive debt. Can't loose their. The G8 Get's to look good to the worl while it's put's these scum bags leaders of these countries on the spot. This way any money that the USA gives will be on a conditional basis, with observers to make sure the goods are going where they should be going. Genius!!! Just Genius. To everyone but the sorry asses Americans bands that felt the punk assed political agenda's were more important hamstring children in Africa. I am proud of the UK bands who came to the call and showed their love for fellow man. But I am left with the question of where the American bands were. Aerosmith, Springscum, Mellancrap, all of the jump om the band waggon types. What a disgrace. And it was obvious today when it came down the UK and Usa line-ups. True musicians in the UK as opposed to a bunch of self serving capitalistic frauds in the USA. Reality is a Bitch!!!!!

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