Life in the Socialist Republic of New Jersey  

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4/16/2006 7:02 am

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Life in the Socialist Republic of New Jersey

Well, it has happened. I remember a good 15 years ago sitting in a bar telling my buddies that one day, smoking would be banned in bars. They all laughed and called me stupid.

Well at mid-night today, the ban went into effect. Not even inside the bar, but people can't light up within 25 feet of any establishment. But the funny thing is that second hand smoke isn't dangerous at the casino's. Still legal in AC.

Now I don't smoke. But I have friends who do. Every girlfriend I have ever had smoked. And truthfully, only a moron would go to a bar and expect a smoke free environment. Until today, that is.

But thanks the the ultra liberal, very close to socialist government in Jersey, this is where we are. Just another example of arrogant politicians who believe they are so much smarter and sophisticated than us working stiffs that they need to tell us how to live.

And on the same day I was pulled over into a mobile inspection trap, and ticketed because the state also tells me I must wear my seat belt.

With the obscene tax structure these liberal Demorats have set up we have a rather large tax surplus in Jersey now. You would think there would be a tax break lingering. No these Commie politicians are planning yet another tax hike!!!

And guess what people, it is your fault. You are the one''s who keep voting these anti-American socialist scum into office.

Don't blame me, I voted Libertarian

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