Katrina- Political exploitation and the vultures from within.  

rm_Rico0825 54M
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9/11/2005 8:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Katrina- Political exploitation and the vultures from within.

Wow, we have all witnessed a catastrophe that is of Biblical proportions. Who knows what the death count may end up being. If this storm hit even 20 years ago that count would be much higher.

With all of the misery it astounds me the usual suspects are running their mouths and casting blame.

Of course there were serious break downs of government from the municipal level up to the federal that have to be investigated. But for the degenerate wing of the Democratic Party, ( Kennedy, Sharpton, Jackson, and Pelosi) to behave as they have, is disgraceful and a bit nauseating. Their were still people fighting for their lives and these parasites were already feeding from pain of US citizens.

As the dust begins to settle it is now the proper time to analyze what happened. I promise you all not any level of government will come out looking clean.

The citizenship- Failed to be prepared with basic survival goods.

New Orleans Mayor- Failed to use school buses to evacuate the elderly and people with no transportation. This was actually called for in pre determined evacuation plans. In a two day period these buses could have moved up to 50K people.

He also failed to have the evacuation sights, including the dome -properly staffed with security.

Louisiana Governor- This women's political career is over. Failed her people miserably. Was two days slow asking for federal help. Failed to manage the care of the people at the dome, on the bypass, and other evacuation sites. The Red Cross sat for two days waiting to get food and water to these people because the State of Louisiana refused to allow it. DISGRACEFUL!!!!! This could actually be incompetence at a level that is criminal. Their excuse is they didn't want the people to get to comfortable with fears they would refuse to leave.

Louisiana Homeland Security- Were big players in the decision not the allow aid to get to the people at the evacuations spots.

FEMA director- incompetent and already gone. Don't care what they are saying about his new responsibilities but the guy is done. A good thing for America.

Federal- a day late and a buck short. Even though Louisiana was late and asking for help the feds should have been gassed up and waiting at the door step in anticipation of the call. It seems everyone in America saw it coming but them. That is why it took a full 24hrs after the call finally came in from the Governor. Not acceptable.

President Bush- He is the big dog. He has to have some responsibility in this. At least he needs to take a hit for naming a political hack as the director of FEMA instead of a qualified expert in logistics. By the time this is all over there will likely be a few more hits he will take.

So to the partisan whack jobs out there. Retract your poisonous fangs and take a few hits of your Prosac. There is blame to go around, but don't expect any positive political windfall.

Take a little time to pray for the people of these three states. An unthinkable disaster has turned these people's lives upside down. It is the American way for the people be their savior, not the government. And that is the most important lesson that will be learned here. I hope.

hourglasses 47F

9/11/2005 10:55 am

The most disgusting thing to me was how before Bush ever addressed the problem of how to get all those people evacuated (out of the sports stadium and convention center), he was addressing the problem of gas prices. At least that's how it seemed to me.

I'm a Democrat. I can't believe how stupid some people make 'my kind' look. Bush is such a moron and has done such a horrible job running this country along with the Republican led congress. And yet those other people you mentioned (Pelosi, Kennedy, etc) just make it so easy for them to get away with it. As Jon Stweart said, its time for someone to take to the streets and shout "Lets be reasonable."

rm_Rico0825 54M
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9/11/2005 11:53 am

In all truthfullness, the way our government is set up, it is not Bush's job to get them out. That responsibility lays fully on the state.

Can you amagine those people mentioned if the federal government superceeded the power of a sovereign state and took control?

The Democratic party has been highjacked by a band of moral and ethical degenerates. The Democratic Party that was pre Clinton is no longer. The mainstream of the Democratic Party is truely a socialist party. I left the Democratic Party because it no longer represented me. I consider myself independant/libertarian now. But over the years my knowledge of our government and the way our forfathers meant it to work has increased greatly.

And it may seem a bit hard, but Bush was doing his job when dealing with the price of gas because it was and is something that is harmfull to America as a whole. But to say his only concentration was on gas prices seems a bit silly to me.

As I said the Feds were a good day late in getting in there because they didn't do shit until the lame brain of a govenor Louisiana has finally asked for federal help. So that comes down directly on Bush. But the rest squarely falls on the state and municipal authorities.

As for the Bush administration doing a bad job? In some cases. And in other they have a done a great job. No different than the Clinton years.

It flat out is not black or white. And people who believe so are fooling themselves and just trying to justify their wants and needs. I believe it is comical that people are so fooled to believe that their is a difference between most politicians, dem or rebuplican. As I have said many times before Democrats and Republicans are a breed of the same fish with only the shades of the same colors separating them. Bottom Line!!! That is why this hateful partiship is truly more dangerous to America than terrorism.

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