From Last Post- Reply- That is so Cute- But is it????  

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5/2/2006 10:00 pm

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From Last Post- Reply- That is so Cute- But is it????

My mind is spinning. I'm drunk with a xanax to boot. Way past my bed time. Usually around 9 or 10. Here I am a 1 AM

But little sugar has me all fucked up. Confused, to say the least. This letter she left me. What the fuck man.

Am I getting crossed signals? I think do I love her. NO, not in that way. But I do love her in other ways.

Is she trying to say she wants to be fiends , with no sex. Or is it me. My soul setting me straight. Oh great Goddess, what was suppose to be a thrill for a night, What the fuck is happening. I don't need this shit right now.

Is she just fucking me for friendship in return. When all along i thought she needed help with money, was she so alone?

But I know I will promise to be her friend, done it once before, with another girl. It's just why do they move along,as I stay still, all alone.

Is it I'm a sucker, let myself be abused and used. I guess I find out tomorrow night, Little Sugar, I Love you, in what way, don't have a clue. But as you said, no strings is bullshit. You have to be soulless and cold, for such a thing to suit you right. It ain't you or me, so we need to figure this thing out.

Right now, old man need some sleeping. Only four hours until it's time to wake. SEe you tomorow night Little Sugar. I know somehow, somwhere, you been reading my posts. Did you go and by a computer??? Little rascal.

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