Do as I say, not as i do!!! Little Lady  

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5/1/2006 6:46 am

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Do as I say, not as i do!!! Little Lady

It all started Saturday morning. Woke up in a very foul mood. Partly do to State Officials of the Socialist Republic of New Jersey flexing their muscles to over compensate for their pin sized dicks. Amongst other things.

So I was in a bad place most of the day. Then I read a post by Calicosexkitten. I had just clocked out and was planning on getting some grocery shopping done. This post by her made me so damn horny. So then I find myself in the supermarket hornier than hell, and everywhere I look are beautiful sexy women. My rage of frustration had now turned into a rage of horniness.

My first thought was, that's OK, tomorrow morning Little Sugar will come visit and my wrath will be taken unto her. Then I remembered, I made her promise that she would have no sex with anyone but her dildo for a month. Damn, what an ass.

So I call little sugar and ask if she's coming by. " Can I bring "Henry" ?" Her double ended two foot long vibrating buddy. "Sure you can, sweetie."

So I went to bed really early that night after a few rounds of the greasy palm. Between 8 or 9 I think I fell asleep. I awoke at 5:45AM with little Sugar laying by my side. I nudge her to ask when she came in. She says about 5:00AM. She was out dancing and saw no reason to go home. I asked her if she brought Henry. Out in her car in the trunk. But she was spent. I let her sleep until around 11. God, I love watching a beautiful women sleep.

So around 11 I started in my usual way. She was already stripped naked accept for her G String. I slowly started to rub her unusually hairy twat. She awoke already juicy, and sighing. "What are you doing. I thought we couldn't have sex?" With that I asked if she has been a good girl since this promise. She shook her head yes, then said it's been hard. She said she can't use Henry, like I use it on her. She has trouble keeping him in both holes and maintain the rhythm, alone it wasn't the same.

I knew she was being truthful, cause when she went on dates she was always perfectly shaved. I told her to get up and take a shower, give me her keys and I'd go get her something to eat and Henry.

When I returned she was sitting in a chair blow drying her hair. I looked her in the eyes in the reflection of the mirror. Said I brought her a fruit salad and her little friend. She smiled, and continued to brush her hair. I moved up behind her, and was just caressing the contours of her gorgeous face. Down her neck, then her sweet little breasts. My dick was getting harder, when eventually I dropped my sweat pants with no underwear to get in the way. Her soft beautiful hair teased my cock. It felt so good. I took grip of a pony tail size lock of hair, and began to swirl it around my throbbing cock. The sensation is indescribable. She looked in the mirror as our eyes met then she tilted her head back as she said, "You really like that?" My only reply was a moaning "OH, God."

She quickly turned herself around in the chair, open her fruit salad and picked out a few slices of banana. She rubbed them into her hands as if they were skin lotion. Then she began to stroke my cock, covering it with mashed banana. It wasn't long before her steaming hot mouth took control. Licking and eating me and the banana. It didn't take long before I blew like a long overdue volcano, as she smile and said, "It's seems it's been just as hard for you." No doubt little momma, that's for sure."

I cleaned her face up and carried her to the bed. Told her to be my little doggy, as she took to all fours. There was no time for teasing, as my tongue went right to her sweet little asshole. I turned on Henry and massaged her little rose bud until it bloomed to expose her clit. My tongue traveled back and forth from her bung hole to pussy and back. Henry is deep inside her pussy now with the vibro turned off, as I am eating her sweet rounded ass. Little by little my finger intrudes, until three are pumping her ass. I take time to put a condom on one side of Henry, and slowly slide it in her ass. As I start thrusting in and out of her ass and pussy, making sure it was not to fast.

"You all right sweetie." She says, "OH fuck pleases don't stop." So now a tender stroke has turned aggressive, pounding her deep in both holes. She reaches back with one hand to hold mine. Just when I feel her body start quivering, I turn on Henry, straight to high vibe. Little Sugar begins to squeal and shake, almost convulsing out of control. After a few moments of this its as if someone turned on a faucet as cum drips from her pussy, and she is punching down on the bed. Finally she just drops, on her side breathing deeply. I pull Henry out of her and taste the wetness from the pussy side. She asks,"Does it taste good." I nod with a smile, as I lay beside her, to give her a taste.

We rested for while, but went on like two savage dogs. Made up for some lost time. Fuck straight through to 2:30 when I had to make a quick appearance at a friend's child BB party. Half an hour later I was back. As were Little sugar and I. What a day!!! I guess sometimes promises are bound to be broken.

I asked her if she would start dating again. She shook her head, kind of unsure. Said she would take time to trust men again, so she was happy with our visits for now. She rubbed her fingers through my hair and said, And I know I can always trust you. My answer was there is not much to trust when there is nothing to hide. And that is what made our relationship so great.

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