Comedy and sex, like fuel and fire.  

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2/13/2006 4:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Comedy and sex, like fuel and fire.

I am once again sharing some quality time with my sweet young sugar baby. All my attention is directed towards her beautiful little rose bud as a licked and sucked away.

She is beginning to push herself closer to my mouth, the surest sign all is going well in muff diving ville.

Out of the blue, in the depths of background news I here a news reporter saying that the vice president of our great country has shot a fellow hunter.

In the midst of my sugar baby's growing pleasure I pull back and say, "What the hell did I just here?"

The report went on the say that a Texas lawyer is in good condition with some hits to the face and neck. I broke out into laughter. I mean this is some funny fricken shit.

Can you imagine what the hell went on at that scene. I mean this is the shit comedy is made of. And be sure, you know right about now Leno and the rest of the late night boys are working on this.

Now, little sugar baby didn't see this a amusing. She didn't even know who Dick Chaney is. After I told her, she just said, "That's so sad."

I went on to try a teach her the comedy in this event but she just couldn't grasp it.

But just think, this may be the answer to America's problems. Politicians and lawyers hunting together????? Hmmmmm. Maybe we should give up some of our hard earned tax dollars a few times a year to send these people on hunting trips. Could you imagine the how good this could be for America!!!

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