April 26th - Freedom Day ( Let us Celebrate!!)  

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4/25/2006 5:38 am

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April 26th - Freedom Day ( Let us Celebrate!!)

Finally, we work for ourselves!

Do you remember waking up on January 1, 2006. May have had a hangover, or just tired from a late night out. I spent the day with my sick cat,(my buddy Spazzy) looking for a vet that was open that day.

<<< Teal is national defense-20%. Blue is interest paid on national debt-7%. Tan is foreign Aid-1%. Grey is other-14%. God only knows what that could be. But I'm sure they want it to blend in just as these letters do on this backdrop. I suspect it may be at least partly corporate welfare. More outrageous than social welfare.

But, no doubt, that day seems so far away. How many mornings have we all pulled ourselves out of bed, away from the people we love, to go and work to bring home that cash that we need to live. I look at the cuts, scrapes and scars on my body, blood spilt in the name of survival and independence.

The sad reality is, up until when you clock out today, you have not been working for your family, or yourself, or even that retirement you dream of. Up to April 26th, you my good people- have been working for our federal government.

That's right people, every last dime you have made to this point goes to the silver tongued leeches that we call our elected officials.

Our hard earned pay goes to these politicians so they can redistribute it for whatever un-American social program they can dream up to convince Americans that they need the federal government to survive.

When the federal income tax was first mandated, the same breed of silver spoon fed con men promised Americans this money was needed and would only be used for two reasons. Reason number one was to maintain our infrastructure. Highways, bridges, etc.. Reason two was to maintain a strong and able military to insure the sovereignty of our borders and freedom.

Take a look at where we stand. Over 80% of the bridges in our country are in disrepair. Our borders are a joke with any Juan, Rico, or Hernando bopping in and out of our country as if it was their own.

Where does most our tax dollar go. To war? Nope, to social welfare programs. Programs that aid these illegals. And far worse, to lazy American citizens. We pay our hard earned money to educate and feed the innocent yet illegal children who are cluttering up our schools and are directly having a negative effect on our own children's education.

The silver tongued devils in Washington claim that we need these illegals to do jobs that Americans won't. Yet, we the tax payer, pay billions of dollars every year to allow millions of Americans to sit on their asses and collect welfare, while the working folk pull themselves out of bed every morning and get their butts to work.

Hey, here is an idea. Let's make these welfare people take these so-called jobs that nobody wants. Surely any good man would rather push a mop than take a hand out. It just doesn't add up. All these jobs that Americans refuse to do, yet we allow so many to sit idly by and take money out of our paychecks for doing nothing. They literally have no social or economic value to America at all. They in fact are being over- classed by people who are breaking the law for merely being here. At least the illegals have some economic value.

And that economic value is huge to our silver tongued devils in Washington. The equation is simple. It goes kind of like this. Illegal Alien gets job using fake SSN. Illegal Alien gets taxed just as we. Tax season arrives and we Americans get back our tax over payments. Illegals can't file, because they are illegal. The silver tongued devils keep every cent, but eventually send it back as entitlements to America's so-called disadvantaged and use it to cover up their immoral and anti-American spending programs.

If America stays on this path, it will cease to be, sooner rather than later. The Roman Empire was far greater than America. And it fell. The driving forces that led to it's demise? Political corruption, misappropriation of tax dollars, the failing of their infrastructure, which led to a crippling effect on commerce. In which was a direct effect of corruption and misspent tax funds. Sound familiar people? That is us. The great USA. For how long. Only time will tell.

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4/27/2006 10:42 am

    Quoting rm_mzhunyhole:
    Good blog..it really made me think.Made alot of sense.
Thank you beautiful! That's all I really try and do on here, is get people to think.

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