A study into dimentia  

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5/22/2005 9:35 am

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A study into dimentia

It's 4:30AM. A few friends and I are feeling no pain after a great night of partying. We are visiting a local all night diner enjoying a steak and eggs meal.

In the booth across from where we sit there are three young ladies. As I was inhaling my meal I hear one young women making remarks about how barbaric it is to consume meat and eggs. The young lady asked her friend how a person could be so heartless to deny a cow and chickens their chance at life, for what she described as petty wants and needs.

We ignored her and continued to enjoy our meals. After a few minutes the women get's up to go to the ladies room. I was floored at what I saw on her sweatshirt. In bold pink letters, Abortion, Freedom, A Women's Right To Choice.

Without thinking the words came out of my mouth. "You hypocritical bitch " , I said as I pointed at her. The words seemed to echo throughout the diner. The girl asked what my problem was. I told her she is sitting there downing three people for eating steak and chicken eggs, complaining that it is equivalent to genocide to animals when she doesn't even afford the human fetus the same protection.

It is just mind boggling to me how a seemingly educated, intelligent young women could be so demented in her ethics.

Is the social liberal indoctrination that effective at today's colleges that they can teach these kids to bypass any attempt at reason and common sense when forming the personal constitution.

Can't eat a egg with a yellow oke but you can sure rip an unborn baby limb from limb to free oneself of any personal responsibility resulting from irresponsible behavior.

Scary, very scary

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