No Sex - How Long Can It Go ?  

rm_Renegade2957 52M
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4/9/2006 6:08 am

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5/10/2006 4:27 am

No Sex - How Long Can It Go ?

Well, I have hit a not so pleasant milestone. it has been one month without sex. How long will this last? I have tried to be romantic, be helpful, and have avoided being "needy", basically just trying to give her some room. when I have approached her, something else pops up and nothing happens. what do you do when you have tried everything you know of? I mean we had were a 5+ times a week sex life. On the kitchen counters, hotel stairwells, restaurant bathrooms, in the car. Now I seem to be a visitor in my own home. We are going through some additional personal issues but this is not helping. That I guess is the primary reason I am here. What do I do?

bluegirl39 49F

4/9/2006 6:29 am about it..tell her how important sex is to you and how close it makes you feel to her..If your having problems sometimes can cause a person to lose desires as well...5 days really isn't that bad hun..its when it goes on for a long time you need to worry

papyrina 51F
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4/9/2006 6:32 am

it can go on for months i can assure you 8 months now for me and hubby.

you are going to have to get brave and communicate what is wrong,why she feels this way and only together can you make it work

I'm a

i'm here to stay

KitenWithAWhip 37F

4/9/2006 8:05 am

Try talking first, the other issues have got to be dealt with before the sex is going to come back me I know on this one. Possibly try approaching her when she is relaxed and doesnt have a million things running through her head. Maybe start with some light jazz and a backrub?? Good Luck

rm_Renegade2957 52M
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4/9/2006 10:29 am

    Quoting rm_Elle4U:
    You probably need to deal with the personal issues first!

    Have just had a look at your profile and noticed that you wanted someone kind and caring who can give without any restrictions and without making any demands on you... Wow... selfish.. neither cyber nor real life work that way!

    So, no xes, how long can it go? Too bloody long if you don't resolve your problems!
I am trying to deal with it, but it's a tough issue (not between me and her, but a family issue). It's wearing us down and we are on opp. sides of the spectrum. As for what I am looking for, yeah I guess it is selfish. I was just looking for someone to help me through it all.

Bluegirl - I was talking about the fact that we normally had sex 5+ times a week. It has been a month since we have last had !!!

Kiten / Papyrina - Have tried being aware of my timing on approaching her. Same results. The issue is the focus, and I can't seem to figure out a way of seperating the problem, and what is now turning into "our" problem.

rm_Renegade2957 52M
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5/9/2006 9:00 pm

Hmmmmmm.......... If this keeps up, can I return back to Virgin Status ?? Well, it's been another wonderful month. The good thing is I find I have a lot more time on my hands to get things done *Laugh* The bad thing is I keep coming around here to see if there are any women interested in making good use with that time, but to no avail........ Someone has to be lonely out there too !!!

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