UGH! Women suck.  

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11/15/2005 6:35 pm

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UGH! Women suck.

So I've been meaning to vent about this for a long time now. As my friends from this site very well know, I've had some difficulty finding a female playmate. I'm not a lesbian, nor do I want a "relationship" with a woman. I just want to make a friend that I can have sex with. The end. Now, some women have been disingenuine about their looks or about what they want from me. But here's my biggest problem.

About 75% of the women who contact me are unattractive to me. Now, I'll admit that I am EXTREMELY picky about what women I find attractive. Since I consider myself to be straight with bisexual tendencies, most of my attraction is on men. But I do have some sexual interest in women. However, the single bisexual (or lesbian) women who contact me just don't do it for me. It is VERY annoying as they talk a good game and seem like they want what I do. But what's the fun of a sexual interaction with someone you are not at ALL attracted to?

Then out of the 25% that I am attracted to, most of them have boyfriends/husbands and want him to be involved. Be it actively participating or watching. I know, its weird to hear someone on this site say what I'm about to say, but its true. I DON'T WANT A FUCKING THREESOME! I just want casual 1 on 1 sex with an attractive and cool woman. That's it. Something fun to tide me over until I meet a guy to date. Then I'll have sex with him.

Ok, rant over for the night.

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