Why I am A Flora Fan  

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12/16/2005 5:18 am

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Why I am A Flora Fan

When I was eighteen I met a lady (she taught me something most adults do, but nothing rude). I knew that I would only ever be a pupil to her, and not even a friend, because of the age difference, but a few times I did get to visit her at her house. The lady in question, who I call Flora, was in her early forties, about 5' 5" tall, and about size 14. What I really liked, besides her friendly ways and really nice smile was her arse! It wasn't overly big, but very nice and round.

In reality the closest I got to see Flora's bum in it's full glory, was when I had called round one sunny morning and she had had to get off her Sun lounger to answer the phone. She was wearing a T-Shirt so I couldn't see her tits, but she was also wearing a bikini bottom, and the crotch had risen up between her bum cheeks! My cock was hard in milliseconds but unfortunately she had a relation and her partner there as well. The fantasy I have the most pleasure over is about the time when I first met her partner though.

I hadn't seen Flora for over a year as she had moved away unexpectedly but now I had found out that she was back. I called round and knocked on the door. She said the usual "long time no see" and we went through to the kitchen. To my disappointment a man was sitting at the kitchen table and I just somehow knew he'd stayed the night! Flora introduced us - his name was Ted - and then to my surprise started to tell Ted that she was sure I preferred "someone with more experience". Now, being a bit unsure what she was getting at and quite shy at the time, I changed the subject, but now I wished things had been a bit more like this.

"I think he likes someone with a bit more experience Ted" Flora says while putting a joint of meat in the oven. "Oh, really. That explains his shyness. Sit down and have a cup of tea mate" replied Ted, so I accepted and sat down at the table opposite him. He asks me what I do for a living and then says "So, what is it you like about Flora?". I explain that I just think she's a really nice friendly person and had really appreciated the advice on life she had given me. Then he says "Yeah, but what else?". I looked to Flora, and she turned her back to us and bent over and the denim shorts she was wearing rose up just a bit so you just see the very bottom of her arse cheeks. "Er.." I croaked. "Is it her tits?". I stare in amazement at him and once more when I look at Flora to find she's stood back up and is just smiling at us. I decide to tell him "Well, they are nice I expect, but what I really like is her bum". Ted smiled and looks at Flora. She says "I'm in for a couple of hours, and Ted's got to go out. How would you like see my bum properly?".

I was basically speechless but my face must of gave the right response as Ted said "I've go to go now, so mate, make sure you enjoy yourself. Flora will no doubt give me the details later. Why don't you take him into the spare room. the one with the toys.".

With that he left the house and drove off. Flora said "Come on then." I followed her through to and up the stairs. She led me into a bedroom. There was nothing special about it - except for the vibe and camera on the bedside table! She saw me staring at them "Ted took some photos last night. When he's developed them you can have one to if you want. I bet you'd like to find out what the real thing is like first though wouldn't you?". I croaked again and she told me to get undressed while she removed the duvet from the bed and laid a blanket on the floor just beside the bed. "Sit on the bed then. I'll get undressed in front of you. No wanking though, I want you to you as hard as possible."

She stood in front of me and took off her T-shirt to reveal a sexy pink bra. Her tits weren't massive but very nice all the same! She took her bra off and rubbed her nipples a bit. Then she turned round. She undid her shorts and they dropped to the floor. I was both speechless and breathless. She was wearing some thong style pink knickers that really showed off her arse, especially when she bent over a bit. Then she pulled those down as well. She turned round and looked at my throbbing cock. "That's the hardest cock I've seen for ages!" She reached over to an apparently empty bowl and pulled something out. "Here put this condom on."

I put the condom on which wasn't easy! I stood up and she smiled and said "I can guess how you want me!" and got onto the bed on all fours . The sight of her with her bare bum in the air and her now wet, neatly shaven pussy with just a few short blondish pubes, in between her lovely round thighs, was to say the least - great!

I knelt behind her on the bed. "Come a bit closer then" she said and reached between her legs and held her pussy lips open. I nudged my knob into her very slightly. "Slide it right in. I want every nice hard inch!" and she leaned forward so I had easier access.

The feeling was incredible! "Just fuck me how you want to. Don't worry if you want to cum, just cum! I'll soon have you hard again". So I did! I only lasted a few strokes, which she seemed to enjoy as well judging by her groans. I pulled out and made sure to hold the rather full condom. She turned over so she was lying on her back and beckoned me to squat above her tits. Flora got a tissue off the bedside cupboard and took the condom off. She then started to squeeze my cock and balls until my cock was firm. She then took me in her mouth. I was hard again instantly as her tongue rode over my knob and down my shaft. Then she took her mouth away. "Come on, have me like this now" and she lay back and held her legs right back so her pussy was really exposed.

I entered her again and fucked her hard and fast this time. It wasn't long before I came again. Flora hadn't though, and so I used her vibe on her until she came, moaning loudly..

While this never actually happened I really wish it had and I hope to find someone to fulfil this fantasy for me. Any comments or suggestions (or invites!) are more than welcome. Now you know why I'm a FloraFan!

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