Fantasy - Anticipation  

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1/30/2006 2:17 pm

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Fantasy - Anticipation

I recently decided to answer the additional Profile question about a favorite fantasy. Didn't want to just write a hot little story. Needed to be in the right mood to have access to the thoughts that fit who I am, what I'm about. Hope you enjoy [realguy491]

I'm hitch-hiking cross country. Just carrying a light bag as I figure I can beg, borrow or charm the things I need.

A pickup truck passes me, then stops about twenty yards down. I get to the truck. The driver is a woman, about my age, with long hair tied in a ponytail that hangs through the back of a baseball cap. She's wearing a T-shirt that hangs gracefully over her braless breasts, revealing her beautiful erect nipples. The bottom edge of the T is resting on her bare thighs, just touching her black panties.

"Traveling my way?" she asks.
"Love to," I reply, jumping into the truck, assuming "my way" to mean without pants. So as I slip out of my jeans, she rests her hand on my crotch and begins to stroke slowly and firmly.
The miles just drift by as I look, alternately at her soft, gentle hand, then at her face in profile, the sun setting just beyond her forehead.

How beautiful an experience this anticipation

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