Another Rant  

BonnyBrassShiga 67M
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2/27/2006 7:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another Rant

How strange this place that we continue to visit, search, and rest some of our hope for passion, comfort, pleasure.

We mingle in a community in which too many people believe that trusting another person is far too difficult and far too risky. At times, it's neither "really" offered nor expected. While many say they need it, they can't trust their own instincts to recognize it. How sad, indeed.

Experience, not trust, seems to be the only standard of measure here. And, relationships entered upon with only past experience as a guide demand a tolerance for the constant anticipation of pain; a constant state of vigilance against ____; a constant doubt about the reality of yesterday's pleasures; a constantly diminishing hope about the possibility of passion. How much greater this sadness, that dreams become so fragile, so dependent on some other person.

Pleasures so gained, are not the seeds for growing fond memories, but at best, become fleeting glances of a yesterday, a place, a stormy or sunlit day, a fading memory of a physical experience, of a transaction.

We reap exactly what we sow. In the world of emotion, we get exactly what we expect.

Yes, I'm still here, hoping, for myself at least, that trust will prevail. And, ever hopeful that passion will endure.

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