Anonymity and Responsibility  

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1/27/2006 8:00 am

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Anonymity and Responsibility

OK. Here's just a little rant, about not getting replies to messages. Specifically, not hearing back from someone after she writes that she's interested. I've seen this complaint in a number of women's profiles. I have to believe there are many men dealing with the same issue.

Does everyone in virtual worlds such as this, believe that since our correspondents are "unseen," we have license for guiltless and complete disregard for common courtesies?

Integrity, which is distinct from honesty, includes the now cliche maxim about "how you act when no one is looking." So, how far are we willing to compromise the virtues and beliefs our coworkers and neighbors believe we possess, when they can't see us?

We all have our private reasons for using this site; none of them noble, but some of them legitimate, even necessary, for surviving in this world.

We'll never meet most of the people with whom we exchange (or don't) messages, but please remember that everyone here is a live and breathing human; and the person I am/you are, continues to be defined with every interaction, real and virtual.

Yes, my skin is indeed thick enough to handle rejection, intentional or otherwise. In fact, I would prefer to get a response if the woman has lost interest, changed her mind, etc. Being ignored, after any exchange, is uncivilized and unacceptable. By temperament, I prefer to confront the things that piss me off. And, anyway, I like bringing a different perspective to forums and places where they are least likely to be appear.

Be well

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