Hello, blogger-type people...  

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5/12/2005 10:51 am

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Hello, blogger-type people...

Hello, world. I've been reading about blogs in class, and I thought it might be fun to try it out.
I'm a guy from NW Pennsylvania, and MAN am I bored. I'm not twenty-one yet, and so hanging out in bars is out of the question. I've got a little more than five months to wait.
There is very little to do in my part of the world, and so I figured I might sign up for this site. Jobs for college students are dull, and about all I can do with the money I DO make is put it in the bank for grad school. It's interesting to read these other blogs, because most people, including myself, include almost right away, why it is they've signed up.
Here's why I've signed up.
I'm horny.
That's about it. I'd like to meet a girl who's easy to be around, and who enjoys some of the same things that I do, and girls are tough to find at my school, because we've got a Five-to-One ratio of guys to girls. So I thought I'd look further afield. I would like to lose m virginity before I turn twenty-one. I haven't really got too much else to say, because spring break just started and nothing's going on around here, but I wish all of you the best of luck with whatever search you may be on with this site. Oh, and if people like, I can offer hyper-liberal commentary on current political issues.


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