Exotic Dancers  

rm_Raven1z 50M
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5/1/2006 2:08 pm
Exotic Dancers

I don't get the name. I recently took a friend to one of our I64 gentlemen's club who has gone through a difficult time. I just thought it would be something to take his mind away for an hour or so. I did not see anything exotic. Naked is cool, but exotic, would that be a woman with three nipples? I don't know.. I got him a private dance with a cute girl and I am sure she took his mind to a different place. I went there with just admirable intentions, treat my friend to a little t and a. Then this girl sat down on my lap. We'll I am all about trying to help the local economy so we went to do a private. I got in there with her and she asked me if I wanted the nasty private or regular. I did not know there was a difference, I mean it has been a while since I was in one of those clubs but I thought they were all suppose to be nasty. Well I was wrong. I said fuck it and let's go for the nasty. Well she put her hand on the outside of my jeans and started rubbing my cock. Cool I thought, then she said what a great cock, perfect size. I took that as a compliment comming from someone in her professions. She said she needed more. She got it real hard and the head of my cock stuck out though my jeans. Not intentional but you know there is only so much room there. She grabbed a hold of that and stuck her hand inside my pants and stroked it pretty nicely. Then she started kissing down my stomach and I cannot swear but I think I got a little tongue action on my head. There was no happy ending, just walked away with a hard on. We'll I guess there is a difference between regular and nasty. Just remember that I went there with honorable intentions. The things friends will do for friends.

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