rm_RapHarding 39M
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3/30/2006 3:37 pm

She kissed me so softly and her lips were large and a beauty to me. Her lips were large enough to swallow mine. So soft so tender. He mouth tasted of red wine and orange peel. She looked at me with her dark almond eyes and I felt as if I where dreaming. This small dark skinned, beauty this, dream of dreams wanted me inside of her. More than anything else I wanted to make her desire to be fulfill.

I pull off her pink sweat top and her sports bra, her skin is even darken underneath her clothes. I am so hard my cock is dripping with anticipation. She takes off the bra herself and I am greeted by the most perfectly form small breasts. With dark small nipples. I lick them softly and with greed. I have desired these breasts from almost every young Asian girl who has walked past me in the street. I continue to lick her breast and she pushes me downwards. I pull of her Grey tracksuit pants and her cotton panties. I am greeted by large thick pubic hair and a wet voluptuous pussy. I pull the hair upwards to give me assess to her. I lick her slowly from the her anal canal to her clit. She moans out loud. I reach up and grab her small breast. She pushes my hand harder against it and I follow suit. Gently squeezing and licking at the same time. She is very wet already. I continue to lick, hungry, she tastes so sweet and I don't want to stop ever....


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