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8/10/2006 10:48 am

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Here goes

Well this is the frst blog Ive ever created so here goes and please bear with me!

My thoughts on dating
After being married for 10 yrs I re entered the dating scene and I must say the results are surprising...I'm not doing bad I figure for guy on AdultFriendFinder in Alberta due to the fact theres 94k of us looking for women and 7k of you looking for men ( thats over a 12:1 ratio come on girls get your friends to join)
Ive been on a couple dates with you and they were both really nice in their own different ways but unfortunately neither were the one....

Dating....the word in itself intimidates me....10 yrs faithfully with one woman a person tends to build themselves a comfort know what your lover wants how she wants it...rub her this way and it brings out a reaction that lets you know your doing the job new women and time to relearn that which i thought i turns out its like riding a never truly forget.

Now its all new again... the fear of rejection .... the stress of meeting new women...what do they like...what don't they like...what's off ex was a fantastic lover just a poor person personality wise.

Will I ever find that passion again..dunno. Will I fall into a comfortable relationship with mediocre sex and mediocre conversation...wil she be my superior, emotionally, intellectually, physically. Will she accept that I have children and cannot devote every single moment of my free time to her.

I guess i'll find out.

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