The Power Station  

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5/21/2005 2:44 pm

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The Power Station

Much as I hate to admit it and fear that acknowledging their existence only encourages them and lends them validly, there are some seriously scary nutjobs running loose in the world masquerading as human beings. Why we insist on electing such a large number of them to high public office is a topic for another time.

What drives these people? What deficiency in their makeup or upbringing leads them down the path to the "Dark Side" (Had to work in a "Star Wars" reference!) I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist - I'm an artist and as such have been trained both formally and by inclination to observe and to see the big picture in the details. Whether or not I'm actually any GOOD at it remains to be seen.

That being said, I've got some thoughts.

We've all had the Junior Nazi boss. (Unless you've been REALLY fortunate!) Someone somewhere has taught these unfortunates that good business consists of screwing as many people as possible - employees, customers, suppliers - these goofcakes don't care - it's a notch on ye ole business bedpost and the object is put as many notches there as possible. I don't last very long in those jobs - inevitably I wind up the role of the opposition, being trusted by my associates and looked to for guidance and support in dealing with the "boss." To protect or maintain their "power" I needed to go. Bye, bye!!!

All of this leads me the real topic - Power. I first began a serious study of the nature of Power during my time in the Army and soon came to realize there were really only two forms of Power in terms of people and organizations.

There is "Brute Force" and what I tend to think of as "Personal Power." The chief difference lies not so much in results as in where that power is derived. Hierarchal organizations are still built on a feudal model where power is conferred from above - from God, the King, the Board of Directors, etc. Because these are relatively rigid structures the use of Brute Force is often the only way to maintain the established power structure. We are encouraged to believe that "Democracies" turn this model on it's head and that our leaders are thus immune to the kinds of abuses to which the feudal model inevitably gives rise. I will leave you to your own devices to unearth the fallacy in that line of reasoning - shouldn't take you long.

"Personal Power" - to my mind the only kind that matters - is given freely by those around us, and confers a responsibility not on THEM, but upon us as the recipient. Call it a form of love if you like. We lead because that is what is expected of us and they're going to follow us anyway, whether we desire it or not.

That doesn't mean that "brute force" may not be a tool used to achieve an end (we live in the real world, after all) - but with the understanding that the use of force results in a corresponding loss of our personal power and is to be used sparingly, reluctantly. Those who fall prey to the notion that "The Ends Justify the Means" are deeply deficient in their knowledge of history.

Believe it or not, all of THAT was just background.

I'm trying to understand the seriously scary nutjobs running loose to which I referred earlier; The lurkers, stalkers, manipulators, abusers, , child molesters, and serial whackos. Obviously these people can be charming, charismatic, and seemingly capable of functioning normally in society.

I'm not talking about Dominance/Submission, S&M etc. That is role-playing amongst consenting adults - by all means, have fun!

I'm talking about people who, for whatever reason, feel a need to substitute "brute force" - either in physical, emotional, or intellectual form - for "personal power." Has something gone wrong with their wiring or is our civilization in such a sorry state of disrepair that they're unaware of the difference, feeling free to use whatever means may be at hand to fulfill their needs? Are other people simply not real for them other than as vessels for their use?

I wish I knew the answers - maybe it'd be possible to identify, help, or at least closely monitor, these people before they do any damage. Maybe not.

Perhaps "Interpersonal Dynamics" should be a course required all through our schooling. That was once considered the province of religion - we needn't look long or deeply to see how well that's worked out.

Play safe.


deliciousngood 64F
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5/22/2005 6:15 am

Random....I had a boss ( a woman) who when demoting me ( for no reason that ANYONE could figure out) asked me if I felt INTIMIDATED by her. The only reason I could come up with for her to ask me that, since I never acted intimidated, never even considered that as a factor,was that SHE felt intimidated by ME . Projection is a very scary thing...

rm_RandomXS2 62M
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5/22/2005 7:12 am

Maybe it's my fault for being at least somewhat balanced - I know it's out there but I STILL don't get how some people can mistake Brute Force for power. I can get on an airplane and kill you 12 ways before you even realize I'm doing it - that doesn't mean I should or would want to - if "Because you can" is your reason for doing ANYTHING, you've already been given your best reason NOT to do it!

I'd hoped this blog would prompt THOUGHT. Glad it's working! Thanks.

Sinderlicious 51F
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5/27/2005 2:58 am

Power is such an elusive gift, curse or weapon to have and sooooo misused, underused, unrealized, fabricated, unearned, over priced, clawed after and deeply craved "THING". Some get it and don't want it while others scheme to get it and find it always just out of their reach.

For some, brute force IS power..the only kind they have or can get which is both scary and depressing. In a world where they feel OUT of control, they TAKE it but I'd wager their idea of power is being able to get what they want, when they want it and making people do whatever they want, when they want them to - regardless of the means used or reasons people buckle. They're the grown up versions of the schoolyard bully and they do the same thing now as they did then for the most part! *assuming Super SInder Stance* em on their BS and they're shocked into silence, unsure how to proceed and wander off looking for their next victim. No one ever says 'Hey! yanno..that isn't nice! Stop that!" Recently had that VERY thing happen at a bar where a 42 yr old woman that is an acquaintance/polite social friend sort of a group of friends walked up and literally boxed my ears - HARD - to show she was not happy at being ignored. She really did not understand that that was simply inappropriate and NOT funny but no one had EVER had the nerve to correct her (she's 6 foot of big, edgy sheman). She was tears...sooo apologetic...I felt so bad for her! I WANTED to deck her initially, to be honest..but chose to hope for the best. She, however, is salvagable...I'm not convinced that the sociopaths, child molesters, serial killers and miscellaneous deviants ARE and I'm not sure how I feel about THAT!

I tend to believe that power is the ability to change a person or many persons day, path and life. Some days I succeed and sometimes I don't lol err...well..I DO but not in a very constructive way *smiling innocently*

LMAO and "because you can"..oy can drive a car with your feet but that doesn't make it a good damn idea!! LMAO

Sin like you mean it!

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