I am NOT mellow!!!!  

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8/14/2006 11:59 am

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I am NOT mellow!!!!

OK, I'll confess to being a bit confused. Foxy skinny blond with tattoos and piercings found the completed tunes from "The 2% Solution" (the cover of which is a very nice breast and nipple done in charcoal - it is NOT subtle!) "mellow"


We're talking about songs that a lifelong friend threatened to disown me over. Driving Rock'n'Roll that will rip yer speakers off the wall. MELLOW???? The one song she approved of is, in my opinion, the slightest song of the three currently completed. It's a good song - but it is, in Beatles terms, a "work" song. The sort of thing ya write because what ya do is write songs. I could write a great song about Venetian blinds - it's what I do and I happen to be VERY good at it! I know my songcraft and could write a nifty tune about the gunk that collects in yer garbage disposal if nothing more appealing came to mind. Not that tuff. I can crank this stuff out like clockwork if I have to - I've done it long enough that's it's not that huge of a challenge. (I once wrote and recorded a double album in 10 days! Ahhh, to be young again!)

The major complaint - the reason for the "mellow" tag - was that you could hear and understand the lyrics. WHAAAAAAAA??????

Maybe it's my pop sensibilities or just the fact that for more than 20 years in studios the ONE thing that's been drilled into my head is that YOU HAVE TO HEAR THE WORDS. I HATE seeing bands live and not having ANY idea what they're going on about. Too many "modern" bands sound like so much cacophony interspersed with indecipherable screaming or grunting (usually about how the world has played a terrible trick on them and how it's so unfair that they actually have to DEAL with life...) that my ears have simply turned off and I find myself wishing them a large-caliber handgun with which to blow their unused brains across the room. WHO THE FUCK CARES????? Go away. Rid the world of your pathetic presence. I'll probably lose exactly 5 seconds worth of sleep. Ya got nothing to contribute anyway. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

SHUT THE FUCK UP! is not the response you want to elicit from your audience if you're a rock'n'roll band. Rock'n'roll is entertainment. Ya wanna make "Art"??? - go to Art School! Learn to paint. I did! What kind of retards buy this crap????

Yeah, yeah, I know...I'm a dinosaur who just doesn't "get it" THANK GOD!!!

The problem is that I'm NOT a dinosaur - I dig P!nk and The Donnas and I KNOW who these other Neanderthals are and I GET what they're doing musically - it just doesn't make any sense to me. As a band yer job is to preside over a party - have fun - push every limit you can find and flip off the rest of the world in the process. COOL! I really don't get the negativity. It seems like an easy cheap way out of actually using yer brain.

I would think we have enough of that in the world already.

(How the HELL did I wind up HERE????)

catkit13 66F

9/1/2006 7:49 pm

sounds like you use your brain often, and with cool results

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