20 Things that I have learned in life  

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5/11/2006 11:22 am

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20 Things that I have learned in life

1.Things are almost never what they appeare to be.

2.Sometimes things are what they appeare to be.

3.Before you call someone an ass, remember that someone thinks you're an ass too.

4.Everyones oppinion is valid, even if only to them.

5.Be nice to those who are mean to you. As the Bible says, it's like piling hot coals on their heads.

6.Never pass up the oppertunity to be nice to someone. You may never get a second chance.

8.In all conversations, seek first to understand, then to be understood.

9.Small change can often be found in seat cushons.

10.Forgive others, even if they don't ask it of you. The grudge you carry dosen't weigh down anybody but you.

11.If you place a paper towel in the bag with the salad, it will last longer in the fridge.

12.If you judge yourself the way you judge others, you wouldn't like yourself very much.

13.Never try to win an argument. If you are arguing, you are not listening (see # 8 ).

14.Think twice before you speak. Words can never be unspoken.

15.I like women.

16.If you seek to be perfect, you will fail. If you seek to be better you will succeed.

17.Forgive yourself. It will make # 10 a lot easier.

18.Treat yourself. Have the lobster. Buy the better model. Take a day off. Take time to soak in the tub.

19.Do it right the first time. You probably won't get around to fixing it.

20.Give of yourself. It is an investment in your character.

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