Some followup to the first post and what do you mean its pretty!?  

rm_Racer1896 29M
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12/20/2005 4:35 am

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4/17/2006 5:34 pm

Some followup to the first post and what do you mean its pretty!?

I have been with a few not alot of girls I am usually quite picky, but am startung to realise maybe I shouldn't be looking for the love of my life in every girl that I have sex with.
I have a problem where I seem to ruin nice, goody good girls and turn them into hardcore raging nymphos. The changes start slow but eventually like the current relationship I am thinking about getting out of, the changes get out of control and soon all they want to do is have sex. The only other time they don't accusing them of not spending time with them is when in a lingerie sex shop picking out things. (How the hell does it come to a point where movies, dinner in restuaraunts, walks on beaches and going to the gym together arent spending time together?)

It reminds me of the Movie Freddy got Fingered where Gord (Tom Green) comes on to the roof of Betty's apartment building in a helicopter and gives her a bag of jewels and she just says I don't want Jewels I just want to suck your cock.

If it started out that way it would be fine but to go from a loving relationship to just fucking seems like it is down grading. If it started off as a fucking thing and stayed that, if it started off as fucking and became a but to start from loving to down grade to just fucking seems wrong.

Also something I was going to disscuss this post but have run out of time is I have been accused of having a pretty penis..I would prefer handsome but whatever. What makes it that way?
Most girl say they were expecing something alot smaller for some reason and get excited when they see it which is good but what makes it better than the other guys they were with before they said sex before was horrible and blah blah small penises blah blah
Can there really be that big of difference that they completely tear up the guys they were and come into contact with for sucking at sex and having ugly or smal penises when I don't even see the girls anymore? Why would they bring up mine? Are they still attached after that many different guys and that much time? Personally i don't think it is that special its definitly not 15" monster cock or something, just large I would say, I always figured it was just normal but everyone ruined that for me cause apparently it different. Its just some more of the shit that strikes me weird in my relationship world, making me think and not sure whether to be flattered, embarassesed or i dont know...

rm_cospgs05 44F
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1/31/2006 9:41 am

I just think that the 'girls' you are running into just are to immature. Younger females have the tendency to blurt out the most ridiculous things. Pretty? I'm sure it's a wonderful sight to see, but to call it pretty? You might want to start to look into adding a few years to the age of the females you are dating. I am not trying to be mean here, but I just can not see why the 'girls' you are having relations with can not grasp the concept of what a great catch you are!! Older females have a better form of tact and vocabulary, I can not imagine hearing someone I know saying they saw a 'pretty' penis. I wish I lived around where you do, I would love to meet. Don't give up, there will be someone who can make it all worth while before you know it!

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