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11/9/2005 5:49 am

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Ultimate Mind Job

I'm no stranger to the Internet nor in writing words that accurately describe my feelings towards things. So meeting people with correspondence is very natural to me and I present a comfortable feeling to most people.

What intrigues me most is opportunity of kindness. Don't mistake this for being wimpy or weak.... Many people become monsters when they think they are anonymous. Ever notice how they say things thats way too forward for the first sentence? I mean even cyber conversations take foreplay Right?

How do you know if you have met someone... really? I mean, maybe they are brutally honest and the ultimate open person over the net in a comfort zone... but in real life they are different.... Which is the real person? The social aspect of our lives is ruled too much by acceptance and that causes lots of stress and confusion. Where I am going with all this mumbo jumbo is that I feel through time you do get to know a person better through correspondence and when you finally meet (if you ever do) it changes the entire physical social interaction. There is still a thrill at first and all that, but deep down, there is nothing to really project due to fear of acceptance.

So my thought for today and twisted way of thinking about things is that by meeting people and making friends over the net, I am changing my social experience in the real world. It is starting to be weird in that I have a mental advantage now. Is the net and cyber space communication going to affect our social relations?

Whats next -- virtual to physical devices and no true human touch?

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