The Beginning  

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11/5/2005 7:05 pm

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The Beginning

Today is my first entry. I feel hesitant to post all my thoughts because of how twisted I can be sometimes, but I am attempting to put it all out here.

I have met so many friends on-line. Mainly distant due to personality hook-ups. For me, I have to have a mental compatibtily before physical exploration. Physical attraction is very next and a must too.

The hottest relation I have going is a 30 year old Russian chick. She is so complicated and such a challenge. At first I didnt even think she liked me. She was toying with me and had no intentions of being "hooked". (I really like a good challenge when I am afforeded a chance)

So far, we have explored many topics and given each other many new experiences to explore; it's incredible! I suppose for both of us, we have discovered more about ourselves in our intimate discussions. All in a sexual nature. I think we have become very close friends now. Someone to run things by and validate our twisted or kinky ideas

We both were intrigued with anal stimulation. We have since become experienced and shared what was worked and what has not worked well. I can not believe how deep chat can get. I dont mind letting myself get tangled up in long distance realtions because there is "no danger".

It's local physical realtions I watch very closly and keep a certain distance yet keep it fun and inviting. Im looking now for just one or two mutually serving realtions.

Well, thats my first entry with where I am currently in what is warping my life.


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