So - what matters most?  

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11/25/2005 2:25 pm

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So - what matters most?

On line correspondence is brutal -- Especially the girls. They think they know what they are looking for and have no idea (in reality this is how it is)... They can be crude, rude and non responsive and attempt to "put you in your place" making you feel abnormal and disgrace to society.

I have refused rejection thru time and found that I am as young and desirable as anyone else thats dedicated to the cause... But numbers lie (just as statistics always do). So am I doomed with the perceptions and mis perceptions or to hang out with people that are "my age" or worse, have ritualistic ideas of relationships that are not equal to mine?? Not at all!!!

My roll of friends sports 23 year girls that are sick of disappointments and 30's that are appreciative of non-selfish attitudes towards "stuff". But my dilemma comes into how the social ring sees my relations. The higher the executive role the more scrutinized you are for your decisions.

Internet relations are an eye opener when mixed with social life. I am finding myself to be more blunt, and forth coming with my feelings and that while some people are seemingly are embarrassed by my verbalization, others are intrigued and very interested... I think honestly I'm drawing a more interesting crowd now and its for the better..... I shall see and let you know what they think soon enough.

I'm still looking for a married woman that is open to a physical fling without anything more. I don't think i will find this, but hey, its my fantasy and I'm sticking to it.

Ciao for now!

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