And the beat goes on  

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11/6/2005 9:06 pm

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And the beat goes on

Today was very interesting to say the least. I have recently enguaged in more online chat than anything. In an effort to feel I'm normal, I usually let the women guide where they would like me to take them.

I have some regular friends which are hot, but for some reason the younger 20-25 year olds are really the ones to fully saturate the conversation with sex that I can almost smell.

One girl from outside London was very warm and offered me her undivided attention. The small talk proceeded and then their was the question....What do you think about talking dirty....

Finaly we begain swapping personal oppionons on topics such as oral sex, masturbation and yes anal sex (seems to creep up all the time now)

She had never experienced it but was very honest about the extreme pleasure she experienced when her boy friend ran his finger over her ass during regular intercourse. I agree, its an intense feeling. She said that if he asked her, she would say yes becuase of her interest.

That has to be the difficult part for many. Breaking the ice and talking about desires for anal penetration seems sometimes twisted. I think its a natural progresssion in looking for the ultimate orgasm with your female mate.

She said that she had no idea how to get started with this exploration and could not attempt it without feeling clean. She said she assumed she would have to have an enema or somehting similar.

I explained that my girlfriend usually did somehting very simple to help insure things were clean. She would take a soapy finger and insert it in herself. Simple yet effective.

When ask if there was anyhing particular that turned me on about it, I was fast to respond. Yes. To me, the trust factor is pretty high. On top of this, involentary muscles are involved, so going slow, inserting just the tip and waiting while enjoy touching the rest of her body, and then she just seems to suck me inside her. Thats part of the hot turn on for me.

The other and Id say hotest turn on is the orgasm that my girl gets. She stimulates her clit by rubbing it while i play with her breast and sometimes her lips (labia). I dearly love to to feel the heat and wetness sh produces just before she starts to shake in pure pleasure.

She doesnt mind if I release my cum inside her at this point. She loves for me to withdrawl extremelly slow. It gives her added pleasure and I feel positive reponse through the sounds she makes and motions.

This seems to be the current fasicination so there is my two cents worth of experience twiced shared


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