Sands of my Imagination  

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2/24/2005 8:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sands of my Imagination

I can imagine the magic and although far away I feel your touch as the wind blows my way. The night was coming to a close as the past moments just revealed a rapture of emotion, an intensity of energy. My heart was beating out of my chest with every clash of our bodies, every uncontrolled, labored breath. Covered in a blanket of sweat I feel the heat rising from my desert as your wet oasis gradually quenches my thirst. With legs rocking in the air the earth rumbles into climax as our bodies gradually slip into exhaustion, collapsing onto the sands of my imagination.

Your body draws me in close to you as the early morning sun breaks through white blinds. Under the blankets a pocket of warmth covers us as your hand covers my heart. You are my desire, my inner most fire and as we lie together I feel the warm moisture of your breath against my neck and again I give way to the approaching dreams while holding you tight. Minutes, hours, I really don’t know as I feel cool air slip in under rustling sheets. Warm, soft fingers gently comb across my chest, lips paint candy hearts across my belly sending chills across my body like the sensation of falling from a cliff. It’s an uncontrollable, sensuous flight. Another sexy moment as I try to hold onto these changing seasons. It’s summer in winter as a warm air from hot lips tongues across my thighs. Words whisper, “What have we here? A lollipop.” You unwrap me and hold me as my world begins to rock. You show no mercy as you breathe me in and cover up my heart with so much passion that I can easily say that no one can take your place.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

2/25/2005 5:27 pm

My lips glide over warm, tender flesh - soft tongue slipping, descending - gliding past ripples - gentle nips as I ease down past his belly - there's the scent of an animal here as skin quivers at my touch - down to the moist arc of his thigh - heat - heat builds here as I taste the roundness of him - his jeweled sac - tongue fondling as I take that roundness inside my mouth and tug until I hear the intake of breath above me - I am flushed with my desire to inhale him - I trace his shaft with both tongue and teeth - trace as I travel to the tip, the crown - hovering - lips barely touching - I suck air between my teeth as if attempting to draw him in - he shivers - he moans - hollow echoes and ... then ... I cover him like fog - take him to the deep ... and ... let him swim ...

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