Mind or Body? What inspires you?  

rm_RJInspired 46M
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3/4/2005 7:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mind or Body? What inspires you?

I was asked about what motivates me with writing and with life in general. I thought about for a moment and this was my reply.

When it comes to writing, the real passion comes from within. It originates from a love of life and a desire to hold onto precious moments for as long as possible. Like a photo in an album, a few well-placed words can tell a story that touches you in the most private of areas of your imagination. Some people believe that the spark has to happen someplace, but I feel it is something that was there all along and just needs to be awaken from time to time.

I would love to hear about what motivates or inspires other people to write and would like to read other people’s viewpoints on life moving moments. For some it may be a physical desire, others an intellectual mind blowing moment, but whatever the situation let it go and post it here.

rm_Venus252 37F  

3/20/2005 10:12 pm

I love to write from time to time because it's the people and events around me that effect my every day life, which allow me to express in a passionate stand my negative or postive opinions. Writing allows me to jot down so many ideas, so much anger, so much happiness, so much sexual fustration that I had inside me just come rushing through my blood, my nerves, my veins and out onto a key board forming words for a crowd to view. For example, issues that anger me is that I'm muslim and it angers me to know that afghanistani muslim women in one point of time were treated like dogs under Taliban ruling. Issues that make me happy is the day I first saw you wink at me RJ. I read your profile saw your nude and semi nude pics and thought to myself "hey he's not bad at all and he's got a cute booty!" "How come he didn't e-mail me back?" I then e-mailed you back and you e-mailed me and the rest is history. My issue with sexual fustration of course and I think I can speak for half of us on this AdultFriendFinder site it that we are not getting any from those closest to us or there maybe certain fetishes we would love to try, but the ones closest to us won't follow us that far, but don't worry my dear RJ I can't wait to take my sexual fustrations out on you! CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?

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