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1/5/2006 6:58 am

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After the audience recovers and the credits fall, one by one they pass through the light at the end of the hall. One by one the seats empty and here in this place where we have all been I am touched by a little angel sitting on my lap, warm and secure, happy and safe. Reflecting, I feel myself drawn into cascading words. I feel myself in another place standing in the same resting spot catching up on the present as a smile holds my attention. In my life dreams have come and gone, but with every passing thought another vision emerges, an angel that I desire and miss every time that I realize that my beauty isn't with me yet. Then I feel my little boy’s chest rise against me, sleeping gracefully. I see the lights of the big picture screen flashing across his little cheeks as his words of yesterday repeat in silence, “Daddy, lets go out and play. Please come home today.”

I hear more words one by one and I am touched to see his little eye lids rest, to feel this little angel pressed against me. He is my son and I love him dearly. I took him to see King Kong and he fell asleep half way into the motion picture. As the action peaked and the adventure widened, my eyes drew into the best part of the movie, holding my little baby, holding this sleeping splendor as he escaped in my arms. At the end of the movie King Kong dies, in the film it is said that he died because of beauty, complex, yet touching and sad. My son grew to like that wild beast. Saw another side, protecting and caring. He saw what we all saw and yet never see when it is right in front of us. He fell asleep half way into the show. I think that is a good thing. The ending may have been too much for him.

Beauty is found in so many places in so many ways and yet sometimes it is so hard to find. When touched by it, it is hard to live without it. I think there is a King Kong in all of us, wild and calm in the arms of great beauty. Tragic, yet if driven, I too would have climbed up the Empire state building feeling all powerful and beating against my chest. I too would have taken on the world for that one moment to look into beauty again.

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10/29/2006 2:09 pm

I've lost track of you ... I hope this finds you ... I hope you find me ...


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