Drift Wood  

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9/22/2005 2:44 am

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Drift Wood

Again, here I am scrolling through one profile after another. As desires fire up my keyboard my mouse pad keeps clicking back to one lady with expressions that are as beautiful as her photo. I could see that she thought about her words, her tantalizing verbs and I just wanted more. My interests were sparked from all the images nicely placed in my head. It’s a modern rock track starting off slowly then jamming against my body as I get all up in her melody. I want to show her how I feel, spend some time and just get to know her better. It's probably more than a little bit crazy, but I can feel that little angel on my shoulder pulling at my hair and on the other a fiery devil massaging the tension and whispering into my ear. Desires spread across my imagination like a forest fire in the dry summer heat.

Keeping it real Baby, I’ll try to tell you in another way. Do you ever just want to let go? Just follow that little whisper and when it rains leave the umbrella at home. I like to get wet. Feel nature up and close with soft curves pressed next to me. We passionately roll around in the mud, clothes falling to the way side as our bodies glide in and out rolling across the mountainside. Wet with desire we don’t care about anything. Grabbing onto my hair, I feel tiny hands pull my head back as she dives into my neck. I almost imagine that angel on my shoulder as I catch the sun breaking through the clouds and a spectrum of colors in the immediate distance. Her warm words shine out and I hear wild flowers say, “I love the green moss, that velvety touch, but I especially love rainbows cascading across droplets of water fallen gracefully on your hot body after the fallen rains.” It’s more than I can explain as my thoughts pour from her lips.

One can almost see the pages ripping out of a romance novel as I think about my recent travels and wonder what I should plan for next week. I think about my imagined lover on the beach just letting go of inhibitions. I love getting sandy and the possibility of feeling her all over me, all over my skin, rubbing it in as we roll down to the water’s edge. Just into each other as the waves lap over our legs and the sun starts rolling over in the noon sky. As I look into alluring eyes, I feel her chest pulling in closer as glistening lips eclipse the sun. Her body sets a cool shadow over mine and as my hand glides around her side and down her back I feel the solar warmth of her skin. I feel her hips reposition, that playful grin and suddenly I’m in.

We just flow with the waves as they come and go. Each motion a little deeper as the tide rolls in a little harder. I feel her essence splashing across my body, touching my hard belly as I taste the salt from her lips and the softness of her tongue. With the waves coming in stronger and the water getting deeper we roll and as I feel her tiny hands clench behind my neck I stand up, her legs wrapped around my back. I feel her lower lips smack against the rock of my being as together our bodies just let go of all the treasures stored inside. The water’s crest curls us up like a tidal wave as we tumble about laughing and feeling the ocean’s foam disappear.

I see pieces of a boat wreck washed up on the shore, partially covered under the sands and I wonder just what story took place. I see a series of events that shook my own life and I wonder what adventure will kick in the next chapter. It may all be in my imagination, but maybe there is more to this story than just drift wood washed up on the beach.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

9/22/2005 10:32 am

Baby ... you still take my breath away ... this is beautiful ! Brings back oh so deliciously pleasant memories ... hmmm ... you're still one of the best !

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