Canyon Lights  

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9/22/2005 2:55 am

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Canyon Lights

What seems like a few days ago has passed into weeks, yet while looking over my balcony on the 42nd floor the neighboring skyscrapers seem to give way to images of a different grandness. I imagine myself back in Arizona with Sedona red rock all around me while my memories roll down to the river’s base in my rental car. I was taking in the views and in love with this place. People were all around, barefoot swimming, picnicking and across the river guys were climbing the cliffs and jumping into the river’s pools below. Too excited to change I stripped down to my shorts and stepped into the water, stepped into the currents. Feeling it, I remembered a younger me, a little country boy stepping barefoot in the muddy river’s base climbing up to that rope swing. Flying before I even knew I let go. Here I am climbing up the side of the cliff, climbing up past memories. Looking out over the edge with a child’s happy grin, I was flying before I even knew I took a step. The water accepted me like a welcomed addition, cool on a hot day; cool in so many ways. One just can’t do that once and walk away. I was ready to do it again. This time I climbed higher than everyone else. A voice shouts out, “ This guy is crazy”. A few heads turned and I’m off again. “Yee Ha!” As I was flying I was thinking this is going to be over way too soon, splash. Again, hands gripping red rock, climbing, feeling something that just can’t be explained. Before me some other guys decided they were gonna go higher than me. I said to myself, “This guy is crazy.” The higher one climbs, the farther out one has to jump. More dangerous, that however crossed everyone’s mind a little bit too late. A deep breath and he was off flying and I could feel the adrenalin. His friends nervously followed. I looked at them all down there, laughing and screaming, “Whew! Go for it!” I now stood at that very same high spot, looking down and feeling it. I took a deep breath and didn’t give it a second thought. A long leap and I could feel the cliff whizzing past my back as my thoughts were splashing in. Gliding down to the river’s bottom, pushing off the bottom and shooting up for air. Dripping wet, the sun is a welcoming sight. I feel the warmth deep, I feel alive.

The next day I journey to the Grand Canyon. As the beat kicks in, I’m driving down the interstate with the open road before me. With upbeat country music blasting I’m racing, feeling the energy, feeling the power at a hundred and ten. The trees were whipping past me like stars in light speed. I was feeling it and it was awesome, then those red and blue lights flashed in my rear view mirror. I’m thinking, “Shit! This isn’t good.” The officer walked up to the passenger side window and told me to step out of the car. I’m thinking this is different. Normally I’m just given a ticket and sent on my way. Next I’m being handcuffed and escorted to jail. I never ever thought I would be arrested for speeding and reckless driving. Bail was set at $600 and after paying I still had to wait in a cell for about five hours while bail was processed. I felt like a wild animal in a cage, so much energy and no room to let it loose. While pacing the boundaries of my little space I had a lot of time to think and I thought, “What was I thinking?” Dam, had I only knew. Stupid. Then the food cart comes by for lunch. It was a far cry from a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. As a matter in fact, it was a far cry from food, but hey, I was hungry. As the clock was ticking I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to be let out. I was thinking about the Grand Canyon and anxious to get back onto the road. I was thinking about the trip up to this point and just where my life was leading. I was thinking I can’t wait to be walking hand in hand in some land someplace just letting my heart run free. Then the door opened up and before I was handed my stuff, the officer says, “How about those famous Philly cheese steaks?” I’m thinking, “Cheese steaks? You gotta be kidding me.“ I said, “Yea, they are good. Mouth watering.” As a steel door closes behind me I hear, “Don’t forget to come back for your hearing”

I took off straight to my destination, this time with my eye on the speed limit. People were passing me, but I didn’t care. I knew I would get there and I knew it would be worth the wait. From a small cell, to openness as far as the eye can see. There I was looking over the Grand Canyon, perched off on one of the high edges; I was captured for a long moment just admiring the grandness of it all. As the sun was setting and the colors exploding, I was beginning to feel the chill in the air and even though my body was getting cold my heart was feeling warm and I just couldn't take my eyes off of the canyon. Then, from the corner of my eye a raven flies by perching on a branch just above my head. The balance was all there. As I reached for my camera, that raven posed like a model for GQ in the Canyon. Another angle, and I could swear that bird was smiling and just before taking off I know it all couldn’t be just my imagination as Mr. Raven winked and said, “Till we meet again….” As wings glided over the canyon and into the sunset.

From so high up anything in the valley would not be visible, yet with eyes wide open I can feel the life all around me. I can feel the spirit running down the trail, climbing over the rocks and drinking from the river. I can feel my boots digging into the dusty earth and with the sun’s heat beating, sweat building, I say, “ Hell yea, this feels great!” And like some ad from a sport’s commercial I look up at the cliffs before me with adrenalin pumping and out loud I think, “bring it on!” With the wind howling I’m here breathing as the sun’s glow breaks from the clouds. Rays of light shoot out touching the cliff peaks setting them aglow. Mirrored from this I feel the presence of the people who have walked these lands long before me and for a moment I see long black hair blowing in the wind, eyes touching as a smile breaks from the canyon’s edge. It’s an image so beautiful that words just can’t describe. It can only be felt like the fading warmth from the setting sun. For a instant in time I wished that warm body was next to me enjoying the view, enjoying the moment, wrapped up into each other; just another extension of the canyon, an extension from soft curves, hills and valleys, touched and caressed across landscapes that simply take my breath away. That memory forever reflected and gathered in the stars from bright eyes, clear skies.

Looking back I can laugh and say, “I did it.” Cliff jumping, rock climbing, racing and roller coasters were all a part of the picture being painted as I drove on to the next destination. It’s a bend in the road, a search for a parking space and sand between my toes. It’s life and I’m living it. It’s a beautiful picture with a blanket stretched over the beach, the sunlight dancing across the water and a desire to greet that spark separating from the grains. A piece of eternity sizzling next to me, a warm glow, taking it slow.

__Huntress__ 55M/57F

9/22/2005 3:27 pm

The best part of this story ... is the ending ! It's life baby and I'm so glad to hear you're living it ... beautiful wild child that you are !

In this ... I get a glimpse of your exhileration ! Fortunately for you, if I had been beside you ... I would have urged you to climb even higher ... begged you to push the pedal even harder !

Moving as if chasing the speed of light ... admit it baby ... the price of the ticket was worth the rush ...


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