A Thousand Tiny Dots  

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3/3/2005 8:10 pm

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A Thousand Tiny Dots

Skyscrapers now shadow my past world as I’m amazed by how my life took a different turn, landing this country boy into the city. Philadelphia can be a lonely place to a new comer, but then again I guess any crowded place can be vacant when you don’t know anyone. Then I met you. It was like sliding feet over carpet to touch an unsuspecting friend with a bit of a shock. The lightning came striking down jumpstarting my heart. Here I am with my hands back on the keyboards remembering a night that just simply took my breath away. As the evening stretches into the early morning my nude body stretches out across the bed arching over pillows. I feel the sweat blanketing my hot core as my heart seeks a rest. Your sweet milky breasts and steaming little figure comes into focus… and as you lift your body off my exhausted, over worked penis I’m lifted up past the morning clouds to blue skies. Every time just before I open my eyes I’m drawn to that moment again and again and I feel like the first breath of life is breathed into my body as I roll out of bed.

Each time you write to me those tiny dots combine to make those wonderful words that you burn in my mind. With you I now feel alive and as the days go by I long to be in your arms again. I long to feel your breast pressed up against my chest as our bodies mend so beautifully together. I imagine a vertical massage as my hands slide across your moving hips and with a strong grip my fingers grab that hot ass as I press your pussy up to my lips. It’s poetry in motion as I lower you onto the bed with your silky legs squeezing my head. Emotionally charged the minutes turn into hours as time carves a moment in a place we all go when desire touches your very soul; This place fresh with the flower of your essence. This place is where I know you and where I want to be. It’s in my fantasies that you appeared and it doesn’t matter where I’m standing as long as the winds keep pushing a promise that we will be together again. Everyday while away I feel your touch in another way and the imagination takes off anew.

Winter is now just outside the window. You feel it the most when you go outside in the early morning just as the sun starts to stir and open its eyes up to you. A few steps and you take a deep breath of the crisp clean cold air. It clears the mind as it chills the body. My thoughts drift off to younger days when I used to go jogging. I would start out walking feeling a little chilly. As I increased the momentum to a light running pace I would feel my body start to heat up. A comfortable feeling being warm as cool air enters the lungs. Yet after a while of this I would start to get hot and tired. Naturally the body wants to stop, but if so then the cool air now attacks the body with its damp skin like a small blizzard. In a way that is like my life, here I am just running along trying to be productive and yet after a while I feel tired. I want to stop and rest but I feel if I do I won’t be able to finish; my damp body will become cold and I’ll just be standing here freezing. That’s when I met you. You opened your doors and invited me inside to someplace warm to rest. I feel your heart as images of winters past fill my mind. I remember living in an old country stone house with large stone fireplaces. After playing in the snow my brother and I would hurry inside. The fire was felt immediately as the snow would melt from our hats making our clothes wet. First I feel the warmth on my face as wet gloves drop to the ground. Hands held out I feel warm. Its warmth so great it heats up the entire space melting the icicles just outside the windowpanes. Moments like these send me soaring back to you. Here we are… a warm flickering fire melts the distance between us as hands held out greet me. We wrap ourselves up in our arms as I squeeze you tighter wanting to cherish this moment as our hearts beat in tune like droplets of melting ice.

Sleepy, waking from a dream, I remember the excitement of opening your email for the first time. Fingers gliding over keyboards, a thousand tiny dots, and words to lift me up take me to this place again and again. Addicted I thrive in the thrill of it all and I love it when everyday another message is there like a touch of your hand. A thousand tiny dots and another day starts like the electricity of sliding feet. Gotcha!

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3/4/2005 7:09 am

I have a surprise for you !

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