A Mountain of Love  

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5/19/2005 10:06 am

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A Mountain of Love

Mountain of Love

I’m back in Philadelphia relaxing in my home after a long drive across the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park. The sun has set over the horizon hours ago and now the panoramic views of the Philadelphia lights softly penetrate my room. To my right eight-inch golden fish stroke the water with their tails glowing amidst the green aquatic leaves as they playfully chase each other and their dreams around the foundation of their world. A beautifully shaped sand stone touched by the filter induced currents; that stone their mountain. My mind spins off in a different direction.

I’m driving down Blue Ridge Parkway faced with the challenge of keeping the car on the road as my eyes are everywhere enjoying the views all around me. I stop at almost every overlook to gape at the magnificence of nature and all its glory as I breathe in the fresh mountain air. As I continue on my journey to the Peaks of Otter Lodge I feel relaxed in my new environment and at the same time my body is anxious to hike across the land. Driving north bound I first see the calm waters of the lake then the entrance to the lodge. Each room has a view of the lake, peaceful and serene. With a few hours left in the day I passionately begin my hike up Sharp Top Mountain which is situated next to the lodge. The path starts off with an easy, gentle slope as I somber through the forest. The moss laden trees tower before me and as the bare limbs sway with each step I feel like I’m cradled and held as flesh tones wisp into my imagination. The sounds of running water capture my thoughts as I walk over an under ground stream. The rhythm is so clear that I can see the frosty current in my mind and taste the spring wetness on my lips. Time passes as I turn another bend in the trail. With each pass the path becomes rockier and steeper like the climb we all take in our everyday lives.

Then, with welcoming presence, the boulders at the top of the mountain greet my tired body as the sky gradually opens it’s self up to me with every labored step revealing the artistry of Mother Nature. I am taken by a certain splendor as my leather draped figure is shadowed by the boulder before me and like the others who have sweated this path previous me, I am held in the magnificence of the moment. An eagle soars way above anyone’s reach as I perch myself atop the highest point. Here calmness energizes my spirit lifting my soul and for a moment I lose track of time and think of just nothing.

Standing up is like that moment experienced when sitting up from a massage table after being worked on. The blood rushes to all parts of the body and motionless I just breathe in the view and absorb the warmth of the sun like the touch of the hand. Refreshed, relaxed and full of a passion for life I make my way easily back down the mountain and about half way the setting sun paints a canvas of colors across the sky as the tree’s silhouette before me melts into the night. Upon arriving back to my room I want to pass the excitement on however, there is no telephone and no cell phone reception. I’m faced with mixed emotions as I want to be connected with the world yet detached. Here I have no choice so I just enjoy another moment as I turn off the lights.

In my dreams I feel my finger tips gliding over the curves of a hot body, awakening the senses as thoughts are softly stirred by the singing of birds as the sun’s light breaks through the window creating a pink hue to the walls of my eye lids. A nice stiff stretch and a deep breath and I’m on my way again to another scenic place, another trail to hike. I stop off at Flat Top Mountain where the elevation is 4001. As I journey up the winding trail life is abundant all around me; from the green moss and algae growing on rocks and fallen trees to the various ferns and fauna growing out of the cracks of boulders and the trail’s edge. Then there is the beauty of the melting snow holding its ground in patches all along the path. With all there is to see it is still easy for the mind to drift. I think of soft white sheets being opened up into the air parachuting down to the freshly made bed. The fresh air gives way to the fresh scent of clean laundry and the caressing of overworked shoulders as the white snow melts away to a warm and caring touch. My imagination fades away as my eyes open up to giant boulders stacked one on top of another leading a narrow jagged path to the top.

I’m climbing up the mountain’s face, gloved fingers digging into rock as the sun momentarily breaks through the clouds and beats over my back. I break, hanging onto the side of granite to tear open a nature bar. Looking down I see past my long, brown leather jacket dangling in the wind as a stone breaks free and echoes out of site. Wiping the sweat from my eyes I focus on the majestic mountainous view. Moved by an all inspiring beauty I continue on to Flat Top’s peak. Upon reaching a ledge I break once again to see an eagle circling overhead, disappearing into the settling clouds. In the immediate distance an opening cracks through the earth. Looking deeper I see the tips of trees just past the edge. I make my way over and climb up the rounded boulder’s edge. There I step into its serenity as a part of me is in awe as I look down to see the clouds at my feet, just past the greens reaching out to the heavens as mountain tips in the distance break through the surrounding mist. Chilled by the cool mountain air I race back to that place in my mind where I feel warm, only to come to the revelation that I have ventured off the trail. Now feeling disoriented I seek out anything that looks familiar. In the distance beyond the tops of trees a boulder with its own signature hits a mark within the map of my mind’s eye and again I begin to climb. At points my body twists in and out making its way over the thickening brush between the towering rock giants. Snaking my way to the top my foot slips on the ice. Falling, my hand just catches a small tree growing out and reaching to the sun. Dangling, dirt shaken from the roots makes its way into my eyes, temporarily blinded I feel for a firm foot hold as I pivot up to a higher level. Eyes closed I wedge my body between the rocks, feeling the cool texture against the side of my face as my eyes seek to gain back vision. It is in vulnerable moments like these that I feel most alive. Here I am, alone, breathing in the fresh air and clinging to a rock blinded to my surroundings, blinded to the immediate future. Yet, in the immediate distance I feel the touch of the sun, telling me to slow down. Telling me to relax as the water from my heart clears my eyes.

Sometimes in life we lose track of ourselves. It is almost like we are lost and we just want to find our way back home. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that anxiously speeds up our walk, then the heart races and before you know it your running and not really thinking about why the journey started in the first place. I had to be blinded, but when the light came pouring in I could now see with new eyes. It wasn’t a race to the top of the mountain; it was an adventure to be enjoyed down to the tiniest flower miraculously growing from just a sliver of a crack on the boulder’s face. There it was, a dazzling blossom with all its beauty standing tall unprotected from the winds, yet as bright as the sun that created it. Each turn now became another spectacle of sight, another miracle of nature reveled. Before I knew it I was back on the trail and back home thinking that the time went by way too fast. As I lay down in my little space atop concrete and steel rising high above the city lights, I remember and replay the adventures in my mind. So much will never be told, yet in still moments I feel the breeze soar in over the balcony through a glass sliding door and for a moment I am there once again on that mountain of love.


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5/27/2005 12:03 pm

Even when you are far away ... when you whisper ... I can still hear you ?

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