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1/20/2006 10:20 am

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Back to this "blog" thing...

When I think of a "blog", I think of a late 50's or 60's horror movie....somewhat similar to the "blob". Maybe an updated version of that movie is needed in hollywood today since nobody writes good movies anymore and every other movie is a remake of something. I guess that's why I don't watch them. But perhaps "the blog" could be a great source of excitement, horror, and drama for a movie script. Just think of the possibilities.....people turn on their computer and go to check their "blog" but some alien asteroid or something has crashed landed in the cornfields of southern MN and the heat of the crash causes it to melt and somehow it begins searching for power lines and telephone lines so it can enter people's computers.....then when they finally finish writing their "blog" entry, the computer screen sucks them in and "the blog" becomes more and more powerful. And to thicken the plot, the only way to kill "the blog" is to use MAC computers and an operating system other than Windows!!!!! Is the world doomed!!!??? Will "the blog" take over the world and turn all of us into purple jello looking stuff!!!??? Who will save the day?

Ok, I don't have answers and I'm questioning why I even put that much energy into that crazy idea. I'm just here looking to get laid man.

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