small favors  

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3/22/2006 12:41 pm
small favors

just recently I ran into an old friend from School. I've actually been avoid trying to find most of the folks from back then since I've come back, mainly beause I'm just that way but running into him and his now wife (another old school friend)made me realize how lucky I was. While we were Catchin up They told me about one of my old Girlfriends; when I was dating her I was madly in love however I moved back east and things didn't work out, I was heart broken for a long time over her; Well turns out I'm lucky, she is now strung out on drugs and has been for about 10 years. being that I've got a a highly addictive personality trait, that would be me as well assuming I was still with her....

2 Runs down the well of alcoholism was enough thanks

small favors..

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