playin in the hail  

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3/16/2006 2:15 pm

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playin in the hail

I live in a coastal town to hail is nor really rare around here. however a full half inch of it IS!. we've had some real odd weather around here as of late; I got home from work in the hail storm ran into the house foudn the film found the camera loaded the film ran outside to take the shots, then my youngest struck, he is a curiosu little guy who will explore anything you leave where he can get at it. never mind the fingerprints all over the lens the camera was still on! dead batteries, ah the joys of a six year old. As I told my dad the story he jsut couldnt' stop laughing, to quote him "welcome to your child hood now you knwo the feeling."

Ah kids, gotta love em, I still played in the hail for a while.

Kids strike when you least expect it and remind you of things you've long forgotten. I think thats why they are around. to remind you of the little things

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