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9/22/2005 5:31 pm

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being a follower!

SO I’m taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers on AdultFriendFinder. And writing up a list of odd things about RED. She was able to pull off 100, Me well I’ll be lucky to get that far

1 I didn’t take my first breathe for over 2 minutes when I was born
2 I wasn’t supposed to live.
3 I’ve been electrocuted TWICE
4 I’ve been hit with over 4 thousand watts worth of radiation
5 I was told I was sterile
6 I have 3 kids
7 The Doc who told me I was sterile delivered my first child
8 My younger Brother is one year older than my oldest child
9 I have held over 250 thousand dollars
10 The most expensive items I have ever carried were worth 10 times that amount
11 They fit in my pocket
12 I’ve been a bodyguard
13 I’m a third generation public servant
14 I have 4 life goals left
15 I’ve never made love to a woman older than me
16 That is goal number 3
17 Goal four will not be done till I die
18 I have driven 200 miles for a pack of smokes
19 I’ve been addicted to Caffeine nicotine alcohol and sex
20 I’ve had alcohol black outs
21 The longest one was 9 days
22 I hate to travel alone
23 I want to go to Tahiti
24 I’ve driven across the US twice
25 It was the same way
26 The most expensive outfit I own, I wear to work
27 Its not a suit
28 The most expensive part of it is one that doesn’t get seen
29 I went to 3 different High schools in 2 states
30 I was able to graduate early
31 I’ve been to Saudi Arabia
32 I’ve been up close an personal with a blue spotted Ray
33 Blue spotted rays can be deadly
34 I’ve held two dead people in my arms
35 They were both warm
36 I can’t stand Lynyrd Skynyrd
37 I liked them once
38 I’ve had a cancer scare
39 I’ve been deaf
40 I’ve been paralyzed
41 I’ve never broken a bone in my body
42 I’ve been in a knife fight
43 If I have to I can push myself to stay up over 40 hours
44 I do it without drugs
45 The longest I’ve been awake was 43 hours
46 I slept 21 hours straight after doing that
47 When I stress out I stop eating
48 I don’t notice that when it happens
49 I’ve seen the sun rise in Italy
50 I’ve seen it set in Philadelphia
51 That was the same day
52 I like Mozart
53 I’m a Godzilla fan
54 The fast I’ve ever gone on land was over 180 miles an hour
55 It was on a motorcycle
56 I wrecked that bike on the same lap I did that speed
57 I walked away from that with out a bruise
58 I’ve gone 20 days with out seeing the sun
59 I did that by accident
60 It took me an hour to write this list

Thanks go out to the Bunnie for her inspriation for this list!!!

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