Who needs an alarm clock  

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9/21/2005 8:29 pm

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Who needs an alarm clock

AS long as I can remember, I've had a cat in my life; my first oen was named flower, a male, and according to the family I named him that. when Iw as about 6 he got himeslf into one heck of a fight and came out with some serious war wounds, for at least 2 more years that cat had only part of an ear but he was still MY cat. untill he "ran away" as I was told ( when I was about 12 my mom broke down and told me he was ran over) since him I've had several; I have two right now. Charlie aka DRK (death Row Kitty which I rescued him from) and Finn, AKA SPAZMO

I know your now sayin WTF. what do cats have to do with an alarm clock? well here we go,
Charlie, for some reason since i've goten him seems to know when I need to get up. over the past 4 years he has kept me from being late to work, missing a flight and various other things. I swear that cat can read my alarm clock and will wake me up exactly 5 minutes before it goes off.. once again today I needed to be up at 130 PM after workign all night so I can meet an appointment, and he went to work at 125 with his standard head but to get me awake. which as normal works every time.

here is the best part, the alarm thou set for 1:30 was never turned on, Charlie never wakes me up if i've set the alarm, ever. I swear my cat can read my clock.

like I said who needs an alarm clock?

BTW any of you out in AdultFriendFinder land have a pet that does this? just wondering

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