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Start of Blog March 8, 2006

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I've been a widow for almost 4 years now, just when I thought life was going to start. My 4 kid's are grown and have kids of thier own. I have 11 grandchildren and { 2 great grandson's )
This time of my life, I thought I'd be enjoying my partner, with no interuptions!! { hehehe } I have a very good sence of humor, I like alot of different thing's, too many to list!! I like to fish,camp,bowl,movies,sports,hunting, or even just sit in front of the fire and enjoy my conpanion and listen to music. I love to cook {inside and out} and known for my baking!! I like to make food look good when it's served, decorating pastry's is an art and fun!!
I just want to find someone that wants to share the thing's I know is still out there, But it take's two to tango!!

My Ideal Person:
I'm looking for a man that want's to enjoy life and all it has to offer!! That wants to go places and see thing's, or even just stay home and put in a movie! No matter what it is, he just has to want it with one person, and ready for that togetherness commitment!Doing thing's on your own, can't nearly be as much fun as doing it together!!
P.S. Only Single men, Please!


Sender: Qwin169
Date: Feb 28, 2006 3:42 AM EST

Please tell me how you expect to share all that is out there when you are limiting yourself to a very small perscentage of the population. Yes I am married, but not dead. I expect you had the sort of marriage where you got all that you are looking for and expect to find someone who sat about all those years just waiting for you to show up.

We all have baggage or we are too shallow and self centered to care about others. Is that what you are looking for?


Qwin169, I guess i really have to answer this note of your's.....I limit myself because i don't ever want to put any woman in the same spot i was in for 35 years. I allowed my husband to { have his cake and eat it too!! } because i loved him and i know he loved me. He was the type that had to know he coukd get a woman anytime he wanted.....and got worse as he got older.....but he loved his kids and would never leave me, i guess thats why i put up with his actions.....I never had what i wanted as you stated... I was brought up to serve a man and be the best wife i could. I have 4 wonderful kids because we srayed together.... my friends husband put me on this site and told me to enjoy myself, and i have a few times. he was also my husbands best friend, he is on here to but his wife don't know about it at all.!! because of it we have become better friends, because i know he loves her too and just needs an out and i guess this site is it for him. I hope you are just haveing an out and love your wife too. Well i better stop for now, I think you have the wrong impression of me. I wish you well in your endever, Always,

Thank you for your incite full response. It is people like you that make this site interesting and worthwhile.

Yes I love my wife and kids and would never leave them. I am here for two reasons. First is that for her own reasons my wife doesn't enjoy sex with me that much and we have sex only every other month or so. Second I really enjoy getting messages from people like you. They help me understand myself and others more and I learn a lot by reading the responses I get.



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