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4/15/2005 8:49 pm

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Gason Kreyol

I would love to start by stating that I love everything that is Caribbean, the food, the life (LAY BACK), the sexuality, etc. If you did not realize it I am a Caribbean male, I have been married before and am not looking forward to getting married again any time soon. I am finishing my MA degree, as I work fulltime, and play Rugby on the weekends (BUSY BODY). I love the possibility that I can connect with someone else in their most vulnerable state and bring about the unexplainable feelings, sentiments, and sensations known and unknown to men. I am very open-minded when it comes to most things, especially sex. I love playing Rugby, and I am all about focusing on your target and doing the productive things in life (NOT RIGHT). I have just gotten out of a serious relationship, and am looking to meet as many women as time allows. Since I work hard, I know that I must also play as hard, which explains why I am here. I want some play time between School, work, and Rugby playing. I love Heineken beer (NOT A DRUNKARD), love women, and am very spiritual (BALANCE). You might notice that I use the word “LOVE” a lot, it is because I believe that I must be passionate in everything I do, or else not do it at all.

When it come to God’s most complex and amazing creature, I prefer women that are older, however I do believe that not all young ladies will be as immature as I have noticed lately. I am not in this for long term or serious relationships; nevertheless I am leaving room for the unexpected. In other words, I am welcoming of “FUCKING and of LOVE MAKING”; based on your liking. I have no complaints, and have not heard of any, thus far. There is something amazing about women who are sexually free; it is all worth it to me. I hope to find that in you.


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