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Welcome to my world, get to know me, and let me get to know you. First things first:

I was born in a seaport on Canada's east coast in an area called "The Valley", a very poor, very tough place. There was a saying that the further down in the valley you went the tougher it got, and we lived at the very bottom. Which I guess wasn't all bad, no matter which way we went it was UP to a better place.
My mother was French-Canadien and part native Indian, whose family came from France in the early 1600s. My father was an Italian immigrant whose family arrived in Canada sometime in his early childhood. He died when I was only 5 years old so I was raised under a stepfather. We were a large family, 11 in all, but 2 had died before I can remember. My grandmother, on my mother's side was a Micmac indian.
We were quite poor. My stepfather worked for the railroad and was the only one with a steady job, and anyone who could find work at anything also worked. What we couldn't afford we did without but we never went into debt. Any small debt we did incur we eventually paid off, so the local merchants never hesitated giving us credit. Nor did the local pawnshop as I remember.
I was lucky to be part of a large family, because of them I could read before I started school, and it has been a deep love of mine ever since. And because of it I always did very well in school. When I was 8 or 9 years old I use to hang around the barbar-shop and read newspapers for the older people who were illiterate. And in turn they told me of Micmac legends and history, and from then on I spent as much time as I could at a reservation about 60 miles away. This was much against my mother's desire but because I was so intent she allowed it anyway.
My most prized possession is my education. When I was very young I found a whole collection of pulp magazines among our family's possessions. Pulp magazines were cheap magazines published during the 1930s and '40s, on very cheap pulpy paper, and sold for 5 to 10 cents; they covered a huge variety of fiction, sports, mystery, love, horror, western, almost infinite.
Back to my point on education: This collection of magazines consisted mostly of several years of "Doc Savage" magazines, which I utterly devoured. Now this Doc Savage was an intellectual superhero (and he held his own physically as well, and he fought crime and oppression all over the world. I was infatuated with him and literally adopted him as my role model. After that I became a knowledge seeking vacuum cleaner. At the start of each school year when we got our new textbooks I would read every one of them from cover to cover. I spent much time at the library reading everything non-fiction, including encyclopedias. I probably learned more there than I ever did at school. And without Doc Savage I would not be who I am today. Hey! I take whatever I get from wherever I find it.
For more on Doc Savage check out his name on Google.
I managed to make it through highschool (grade 11) by boxing to pay my own way the last 2 years and working in a supermarket part time and summer vacations. I graduated 5th out of 176 and went to work fulltime to help provide for my family. About age 21 I was fired from my job and lost my girlfriend and decided to leave town and try my luck in the 'big city' of Toronto. Things were better at home so they wouldn't miss me for awhile.
Toronto wasn't much better that year and I worked at various jobs, such as delivering bread and as a stevedor on the docks. Eventually I joined the army, went to Irag in the first Gulf War and when I finished there I joined the government as a civil servant. That has been my job, in various capacities, ever since.

Thus ends my introduction, and combined with my profile as QuietMan_0 should provide a fairly true picture of who I am. I will be telling a few of my somewhat unique stories, views and opinions, and even hope to chat with some of you. And I hope that you will visit here and ask questions, challenge my views and opinions, or whatever friends do when they pass the time together.
Saynara for now.

I will have to write more later, but if there are any questions or comments.... feel free.....

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2/20/2006 8:33 am

very interesting life..hope I get to read more on your blog..welcome to blogland..

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