A erotic story  

rm_QueenB581000 58F
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3/30/2006 8:09 pm
A erotic story

i was wearing nothing but an oversize t shirt that barely covered my ass. my dream... and the way drew was looking at her... somethow theyd become tangled toghether in my mind befor i knew it i was moving toward him there was a momentary shock of his coold parka against my warm skin as i wrapped my arms about him burying my face against hs chest drew made a little groaning sound deep in his thorat as he mpulled me close i tipped my head up and our lips met a kiss tentative at first hten more urget

wordlessly he took my hand and led me bak down the hall this isnt real im still asleep i thought even as i climbed onto the bed drew snuggling up next to me in the darkness the hands caressing me might have been the ones i thrilled to in my dream i gave myself over to the sensations it had been so long... warm lips brushed my neck and the hand on her stomach moved lower carresin my vagina. drew started fucking me making me moan loudy making it a melody to his ears oh god this is what id ached for i reached douwn easing open the zipper on his jeans and sliding my hand in to touch his penis its shape texture and feeling made me want more. then in one surge of pleasure he put his penis insdie of me. it felt good, but it was a little painful. he was inside me for what felt like a century, then he slowly pulled out of me kissing me one last time.

little did he no i already was married

sotxbhm 47M
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7/9/2006 1:48 am

loved ur story. hope to see more.


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