Which Movie Star Are You? Guess Who I Am!  

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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2/1/2006 2:51 pm

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Which Movie Star Are You? Guess Who I Am!

Ever wonder which movie star you are most like

Don't read ahead please

Well, a team of researchers got together and analyzed the personalities of movie stars. The gathered info has been incorporated into this quiz.

There are only 10 questions so it doesn't take long. Answer each question with the choice that most describes you at this point in your life, and then add up the points that correspond with your answers.

Don't look ahead or you will ruin the fun!

1. Which describes your perfect date?
a) Candlelight dinner for two
b) Amusement Park
c) Rollerblading in the park
d) Rock Concert
e) Have dinner & see a movie
f) Dinner at home with a loved one

2. What is your favorite type of music?
a) Rock and Roll
b) Alternative
c) Soft Rock
d) Classical
e) Christian
f) Jazz

3. What is your favorite type of movie?
a) Comedy
b) Horror
c) Musical
d) Romance
e) Documentary
f) Mystery

4. Which of the following jobs would you choose if you were given
only these choices?
a) Waiter/Waitress
b) Sports Player
c) Teacher
d) Policeman
e) Bartender
f) Business person

5. Which would you rather do if you had an hour to waste?
a) Work out
b) Make out
c) Watch TV
d) Listen to the radio
e) Sleep
f) Read

6. Of the following colors, which do you like best?
a) Yellow
b) White
c) Sky blue
d) Teal
e) Gold
f) Red

7. Which one of the following would you like to eat right now?
a) Ice cream
b) Pizza
c) Sushi
d) Pasta
e) Salad
f) Lobster Tail

8. Which is your favorite holiday?
a) Halloween
b) Christmas
c) New Year's
d) Valentine's Day
e) Thanksgiving
f) Fourth of July

9. If you could go to any of the following places, which would it be?
a) Reno
b) Spain
c) Las Vegas
d) Hawaii
e) Hollywood
f) British Columbia

10. Of the following, who would you rather spend time with?
a) Someone who is smart
b) Someone with good looks
c) Someone who is a party animal
d) Someone who has fun all the time
e) Someone who is very emotional
f) Someone who is fun to be with

Now total up your points on each question:
1. a-4 b-2 c-5 d-1 e-3 f-6
2. a-2 b-1 c-4 d-5 e-3 f-6
3. a-2 b-1 c-3 d-4 e-5 f-6
4. a-4 b-5 c-3 d-2 e-1 f-6
5. a-5 b-4 c-2 d-1 e-3 f-6
6. a-1 b-5 c-3 d-2 e-4 f-6
7. a-3 b-2 c-1 d-4 e-5 f-6
8. a-1 b-3 c-2 d-4 e-5 f-6
9. a-4 b-5 c-1 d-4 e-3 f-6
10.a-5 b-2 c-1 d-3 e-4 f-6

NOW, take your total and find out which Movie Star you are:

10-17 points You are MADONNA You are wild and crazy and you know it. You know how to have fun,but you may take it to extremes. You know what you are doing though, and are much in control of your own life. People don't always see things your way, but that doesn't mean that you should do away with your beliefs. Try to remember that your wild spirit can lead to hurting yourself and others.

18-26 points You are DORIS DAY You are fun, friendly, and popular! You are a real crowd pleaser. You have probably been out on the town your share of times, yet you come home with the values that your mother taught you. Marriage and children are very important to you, but only after you have fun. Don't let the people you please influence you to stray.

27-34 points You are DEBBIE REYNOLDS You are cute, and everyone loves you. You are a best friend that no one
takes the chance of losing. You never hurt feelings and seldom have your own feelings hurt. Life is a breeze. You are witty, and calm
most of the time. Just keep clear of back stabbers, and you are worry-free.

35-42 points You are GRACE KELLY You are a lover. Romance, flowers, and wine are all you need to enjoy yourself. You are serious about all commitments and are a
family person. You call your Mom every Sunday, and never forget a Birthday. Don't let your passion for romance get confused with the real thing.

43-50 points You are KATHERINE HEPBURN You are smart, a real thinker. Every situation is approached with a plan. You are very healthy in mind and body. You don't take
crap from anyone. You have only a couple of individuals that you consider real friends. You teach strong family values. Keep your feet
planted in them, but don't overlook a bad situation when it does happen.

51-60 points You are ELIZABETH TAYLOR Everyone is in awe of you. You know what you want and how to get it.
You have more friends than you know what to do with. Your word is your bond. Everyone knows when you say something it is money in the bank.
You attract the opposite sex. Your intelligence overwhelms most. Your memory is the next thing to photographic. Everyone admires you because
you are so considerate and lovable. You know how to enjoy life and treat people right.

Now tell me who you are and guess who I am

Purry {=}


sexywhiteboy07 46M

2/1/2006 4:49 pm

We love your blog and appreciate you leaving comments in ours. Too bad that you guys aren't closer, we would probably hit it off. Good Luck, and call us if you ever go to Indy 500!

Deepthroat215 52M
328 posts
2/1/2006 5:09 pm

Maddonna...I'm debbie Reynolds

Deepthroat215 52M
328 posts
2/1/2006 5:09 pm

Awesome pic by the way...love it!

docdirk 47M

2/1/2006 5:37 pm

Apparently, I'm Debbie Reynolds. Unfortunately, I have no clue who that is. I'm also sad to say that I don't know you well enough to take an educated guess as to your identity. Guess I need to spend a little more time rummaging through your bloggin's.

BTW, anyone else find it odd that "Drama" is never a fave movie option in any of these quizzes?

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

firestarter665 42M/39F

2/1/2006 5:42 pm

I am a Doris Day. Going by what it says it is the truth.
I have not had too many encounters with you, but I will guess that you are a Debbie Reynolds.

sircookalot 51M
110 posts
2/1/2006 6:04 pm

Catherine Hepburn here.....do I get a cut of her residuals?

Cowboy_Deluxe 38M

2/1/2006 6:16 pm

You know I like country music.. Well anyways..I came up as Grace Kelly. I guess your the same Grace Kelly..what the hell..I ain't any good at guessing. Well at least this thing made me laugh.

KDR305 46M/46F

2/1/2006 6:18 pm

The test says I'm Grace Kelly, which is pretty cool.

Personally, I think the Katherine Hepburn description is more fitting.

I'm guessing that you came in as Liz Taylor.

I'll keep my reason for this guess private for now.


KDR305 46M/46F

2/1/2006 6:19 pm


LOVE the new photo!

extra-sexy..... even for you.

oldman1776 78M
3164 posts
2/1/2006 8:19 pm

I came up Grace Kelly I would say you are Katherine Hepburn

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
3902 posts
2/1/2006 8:59 pm

i came out as debbie reynolds i think you might be a doris day or madonna.

pASSionwantd2 49M
1316 posts
2/1/2006 9:03 pm

I'm Elizabeth Taylor dawwwwwwling.....and diamond's are my best friend,and Michale is not creepy,just alittle misunderstood.


rm_sj365 55F
2414 posts
2/1/2006 9:18 pm

Liz Taylor...cool..shes hot...err was hot..umm yeah

timberwolf6972 44M

2/1/2006 9:30 pm

I am Doris Day. Is that a good thing? lol

PrincessKarma 43F
6188 posts
2/1/2006 9:43 pm

Debbie Reynolds? I always saw myself as more of a Hepburn type...

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

rm_Bct2Esi 50M/50F
1375 posts
2/2/2006 6:11 am

Well I am Katherine Hepburn, but I am also a little of Grace Kelly as well it all depends on the mood *snicker*

I am guessing you as Debbie Reynolds with a little Liz Taylor thrown in there for good measure

hugs and smiles

SexyRycheBabe 44F
820 posts
2/2/2006 9:19 am

I'm a Grace Kelly type. Not to show my age here but the only one that I am REALLY familiar with on that list is Madonna. Yes, I know who the others are, I'm not that young or out-of-touch, it's just that I can't identify them with anything in particular. Unlike Madonna who I've grown up with. I remember her popping up on the scene and the "Like a Virgin" bride get-up, rolling around on the stage at the Grammy's because I WATCHED it as it happened.

mackjohnny69 59M

2/2/2006 9:49 am

I come up with Grace Kelly and for you Grace Kelly


rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
2/2/2006 11:44 am

I Am gonna let this go a few more days but I am not Grace Kelly. Keep guessing

Purry {=}


KDR305 46M/46F

2/2/2006 2:54 pm

A few more DAYS????

I change my vote! You're now that girl I knew in 10th grade. Friggin tease!

LOL. Still say Liz Taylor.

WTF??? What happened to the new pic?

ThumbChickStool 33F

2/2/2006 6:24 pm

According to this.... I am Debbie Reynolds. But that sounds too sugary-sweet to be me.But then again, none of the answers sound like what I think of myself. Therefore, I must be an original!!! I like that idea better.

I'm not even going to try and guess. I'm no good at guessing games...

your favorite Las Vegas native
:: whisper :: I finished those dratted facts of the day. Enjoy

pASSionwantd2 49M
1316 posts
2/2/2006 7:22 pm

Debbie Renold's,RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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