Sit On My Face?  

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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8/6/2006 1:18 pm

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8/9/2006 5:47 pm

Sit On My Face?

Mmmmmm, just thinking about Sail saying this to me makes my cunt drip.

He is taking a little nap right now and all I can think about as I sit here and finger my wet cunt is going over there, straddling him, and lowering my snatch over his mouth, spreading my lips wide to expose my fleshy pink folds. "Suck me" I say and he pushes his tongue inside me.

He starts to probe me with his tongue, poking it into my cunt and spreading my juices around, and lapping at my throbbing clit. Suddenly, I feel his tongue push into me and his body stiffen as I move off and lower my mouth over his cock.

Gosh, I hope he wakes up soon!

If not, will you tell me how you would lick my cunt and make me cum?

Purry {=}


TheCelt35 52M
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8/6/2006 2:12 pm

id rather show ya hunny

George (wink)

rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/6/2006 3:21 pm:
Alright Mr Clooney, come on over!

eriedragon4 57M
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8/6/2006 3:24 pm

I glide my fingers over your velvet soft hair
And admire the ripeness of your smooth blushed skin
Gathering you in close I can smell the sweet scent of you
The anticipation of how you must taste making my mouth water
I run my tongue along your groove and kiss you deeply
Sinking my teeth gently into your virgin pink flesh
Beads of nectar wet my lips
Making my hunger for you all the more
I will myself to slow down and delight in your gift
Trying to catch your essence as it dripped down my chin
I push you harder to my mouth
My tongue deeper into your core
And eat you from the inside out
Drinking greedily every droplet that flows from you
And when you have poured all you are into me
I will lick up what is left of you on my fingers
For you were made to be savoured
Not simply devoured
My juicy peach


rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/7/2006 5:07 pm:
I'll get the napkins.

HeatedCondition 60M
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8/6/2006 3:43 pm

I'd begin by inserting one or two fingers and playing with your G-spot for awhile, and putting my lips and tongue to work on other parts of your body. Then, once you're a bit worked up, I'd move in for the 'kill': expose your clit and start to nibble and lick and suck, alternately flicking my tongue in and out of that wet hole, continuing to stroke that G-spot over and over in every direction for as long as it takes to send you straight over the edge to a mind-clearing and sensational orgasm that leaves you weak and oh so satisfied.

Would that do?

rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/7/2006 5:06 pm:
I think that will work just fine!

domdico 61M

8/6/2006 3:56 pm

I know my words will fall short when trying to express where my head is at when i'm in the zone. The one thing I can say is that I'd give your love lips the tender wet kisses they desire, peppered with some long slow firm but gentle licks. Then after you were showing signs of having a pulsating pussy, I'd lean back for a second or two and smack it ever so smartly. Just enough to bring some more blood the the area. At that point I'd run a finger between the folds of your lips holding your clit to one side while I ran my tongue up and down the other side. Eventually, I'd run my fingers up and down the stem of your clit as if to jerk it off. Finishing you off with a simulated clit blowjob (sucking the clit like the little dick that it is).
Thanks for all the great stories. I hope you enjoyed mine.

rm_smosmof2 67M
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8/7/2006 6:43 pm

No fair.... I'm ineligible... not even allowed to think such things.... ok, I am, but now I get to feel guilty about it.....

but if I were to do such a thing, I'm more of a tease... the insides of your thighs get a lot more attention first....

rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/7/2006 7:03 pm:
I like my toes sucked too.

rm_smosmof2 67M
3240 posts
8/7/2006 7:47 pm

"I like my toes sucked too."

You're just trying to make me lose it, aren't you? I look up "See where you're quoted, and I get that picture, and that line..... and I gotta keep telling myself.... "you're ineligible, keep that in mind, she really doesn't want a page of pornographic drivel from a single guy... maintain control at all costs....."

rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/8/2006 5:05 pm:
you are too cute! make me giggle, suck those toes!

spacecadet561 59M

8/8/2006 3:49 pm

Just tell me what you want, and I shall endeavor to provide it.


rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/8/2006 5:04 pm:
A diamond ring!

rm_smosmof2 67M
3240 posts
8/9/2006 1:12 am

"you are too cute! make me giggle, suck those toes!"

(sighs.....) (shrugs.....)

As m'lady wishes....I live to serve, and I'm all about satisfaction....Now, are you sitting comfortably? (hold up hand to accept heel...) which foot would you like me to start with?

RottenApple70 46M

8/9/2006 10:30 am


Good to the last drop.

spacecadet561 59M

8/9/2006 4:20 pm

Just tell me what you want, and I shall endeavor to provide it.

PurryKitty2 replies on 8-8-2006 5:04 pm:
A diamond ring!

Would you settle for seeing *stars* from a wonderful licking?


rm_PurryKitty2 replies on 8/9/2006 5:48 pm:

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