Help Wanted T-Shirts  

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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7/7/2006 3:39 am

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7/8/2006 8:25 am

Help Wanted T-Shirts

First, I am missing all of you terribly and feel bad that I cant reply to many blog posts and for that I am sorry. It is really dropping me in the #s too and my damn picture doesn't even show up in the slots anymore Oh well....

I found this T-shirt this morning that makes you the boss and wanted to share it with all of you.

It says:

Help wanted many positions available

So, what position do you want ?

Purry {=}


Nightguy_1961 55M
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7/7/2006 3:49 am

What position?

The one that makes you squeal and sigh with delight...what else?

Take care...and btw, you've got mail.

NG61....slipping back into the darkness with a quiet smile...

JazzDlight 59F

7/7/2006 4:36 am

I see your pic in the slots all the time...just saw it this morning and yesterday. Good luck with the new job. Hugs, Jazz

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
1259 posts
7/7/2006 5:27 am


Glimmer_Man06 47M
3308 posts
7/7/2006 7:25 am

I still see you up there Purry.

As to what position, well, the one that serves you the most pleasure of course.

(sorry Sail, but you got yourself a hottie there!)

They say a woman ages like fine wine...

...mine ages like milk!

MorganLeFaye1978 38F
110 posts
7/7/2006 10:05 am

I want the position that allows me to do a little bit of everything.

How was your first day purry? Hope it went well. And not to worry about the reply to blog posts. We are all still here watching you. And we know that you haven't gone to far.

norprin5 55M

7/7/2006 10:07 am

see your beautiful pic in the slots often, luv, no worries

if doggy is available, i'm pretty good with that

King Nor XVIII

digdug41 49M

7/7/2006 11:40 am

LOL thats a great shirt purry I gotta find that one downtown

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_TexNVa 49M/48F
376 posts
7/7/2006 2:19 pm

Head buried between your legs, would be a nice starting position.

somethingelse40 74M
14676 posts
7/7/2006 2:54 pm

Being in the top position with you is not enough. I want to be in all the other positions too.

WayneMarie4girl 45M/38F

7/7/2006 3:08 pm

HHHmmmm, middle of the shirt, us girls of course.

spacecadet561 59M

7/7/2006 3:42 pm

Purry, I'll take any position that lets me be close to you.


Balibabe19 41F

7/7/2006 3:55 pm

I want to be in a leg love knot..

rm_android1960a 56M
428 posts
7/7/2006 4:55 pm

My tongue between your legs sounds great. I would love the chance to lick and suck your pussy until you squeal.

Sweetpickles69 47F

7/7/2006 7:35 pm

Thanks for sharing!


rm_tfarcbew5 51M/52F
16 posts
7/7/2006 7:59 pm

Favorite position of ours, Easy. We vote for Purry licking MG while MMF is behind (giving orders). Sail is getting a BJ as usual from MG. Heaven...

What's yours?

Panthiest 72M

7/7/2006 10:22 pm

On our side face to face, leg over hip, arms, hands free to roam, movement is not that strong but the ability to roll one way or the other is...and oh yes..somebody is getting in behind you, reaching around stretching one nipple while I am workin go the other and then...I wake up. Drat! Happy worky day to you...

charlieff 76M
264 posts
7/8/2006 12:04 am

Tried a lot of them, have a couple favorites but I'd have to go with this one - two women; both on top....

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