Have You Ever Had Axillary Intercourse?  

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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3/16/2006 3:57 am

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3/18/2006 3:10 am

Have You Ever Had Axillary Intercourse?

Let me just say this........If someone tries to fuck my armpit, I am kicking him out of bed!!!!!

Okay, Sex Lessons for the week are over. I feel educated now on all the sex slang.

I hope you do too

Purry {=}


libgemOH 56M/52F

3/16/2006 4:09 am

Darling lady, where the HELLLL do you find these things? ROFL!!! -B

ToolsMulesFaker 40M
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3/16/2006 4:20 am

Interesting form of safe sex

hugs4uagain 39F

3/16/2006 4:23 am

lmao educated read and stored!

hugs xx

angelgrrl 48F

3/16/2006 6:27 am

omgosh, I feel so naive. This NEVER would have occurred to me.

Babel__Fish 45F

3/16/2006 7:09 am


dasher121 36M

3/16/2006 7:17 am

that is just.........weird. Its not disturbing, its not wrong, its just........weird. *shaking my head at weird shit*

The Dude.

ckwong38 49M

3/16/2006 9:05 am

well, i wouldn't waste my time doing silly thing. i would prefer doing the proper thing rather than wasting my energy...lmao

agedinwood757 64F
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3/16/2006 9:17 am

Purry your a hoot.......does it give ya Mad Cow or a Mac Attack?


Gozzbot 29M
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3/16/2006 9:55 am

You really have been swotting up on your sex terms today haven't you Purry?

wantonwill 60M

3/16/2006 2:25 pm

Purry darling;

How about if I softly trail my tongue up your inner arm...ya know, the soft fleshy part....and gently kiss your freshly shorn and bathed axillary endings?

rm_Edenblue_68 66M
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3/16/2006 3:05 pm

Maybe you need to sleep with your arms tightly folded hmmm? What's attracting him to your armpit that makes him so exited? No dont tell me - we can guess.


charlieff 76M
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3/16/2006 5:01 pm

Purry Dear,

Another gem! Now that your learning, go for it/them. We're looking forward to reading "Purry's Reflections on Weird Sex."


charlieff 76M
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3/16/2006 6:39 pm

By the way Pretty Purry, here's a way to put on new spin on sex. See my blog ANOTHER OBSERVATION OF LIFE! where I refer to gently_finger_me who writes spin to win....


rm_guyinokemos 68M
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3/16/2006 7:22 pm

Oh silly Purry.... Sail just invented a new protein deodorant for you and was trying to apply it. He also said it would give a whole new meaning to the term, "deodorant stick"


SecretEarNoTears 47F  
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3/16/2006 11:18 pm

ohmygosh...my green m&m came flying out of my mouth!


wildoats19622 55M
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3/16/2006 11:20 pm


I mentioned it in my second post on my blog!

My wife won't let me do it anymore though.


Crosswords increase your vocabulary. Cross words increase your blood pressure.

curious082385 31F
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3/17/2006 12:19 am

Armpit sex? Ewww

That's just....ummm....not right...just...not right.

BransonLuvFest 50M/50F

3/17/2006 8:07 am

I believe that titty fucking is also considered axillary sex, isn't it? I've done that a few times, but it isn't as great as it looks. It's generally a bit awkward and not nearly as pleasurable for the male as other options. And I doubt ladies actually enjoy it much. Armpits? Just don't see it.

keithcancook 60M
17865 posts
3/17/2006 8:35 am


__Huntress__ 55M/58F

3/19/2006 2:59 am

I still don't know what a "bot" is ! I googled it, Can't find it !


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